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Dead by Daylight New Killer in Forged in Fog Chapter

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BY November 1, 2022

Dead by Daylight’s new killer has just been revealed in the latest trailer. The new chapter, Forged in Fog, brings the usual new content. You’ll get access to a new killer, survivor, and map. It’s the next chapter after Project W.

Make sure to watch the trailer below!

This announcement comes as a relief for fans after a shaky October. The Mori update was fairly controversial. But, the new killer brings a bunch of fresh gameplay mechanics to spice things up.

You can also watch a full breakdown of the update by not Otzdarva below:

Naturally, it should be the last chapter for 2022. Yet, it’s a great way to pass the time until the Dead by Daylight comic book comes out.

This chapter will take players to the medieval era. Both The Knight and the map, Shattered Square, remind us of the dark ages. Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance come to mind. And, even the survivor is an arcane scholar.

The Dead by Daylight: Forged in Fog will come out on November 22. So, let’s look into the three major content updates.

Shattered Square: A new, medieval map ransacked by The Knight

Firstly, we have Shattered Square. The new map has the least amount of information available online. Both the survivor and killer have their own Wiki entries. Yet, we only have seemingly leaked showcase videos. The one above is an example.

As I mentioned, the new map is reminiscent of games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In fact, it really reminds me of the starting village that later gets attacked. That’s particularly true because it’s just the ruins of said village.

It’s also fitting. Shattered Square is a quiet village that was destroyed. But, I can’t quite tell who destroyed it. It’s most likely The Knight’s village before becoming what he is now. In the game, it’s the burning and—well—shattered remnants of the village. Fog and ashes surround the entire map, obscuring your view.

Curiously, it also has a reddish hue that separates it from most maps. It’s not exactly a nighttime map, like the others. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re walking in the middle of a fire. Without a doubt, it’ll complement the new killer and his unique ability nicely.

At least to me, it creates an interesting feeling of dread and imminent doom.

Tarhos Kovács, AKA “The Knight”: Dead by Daylight’s new killer

dead by daylight new killer Not your traditional “scary monster,” but still pretty intimidating. (Image credit: Dead by Daylight Wiki)

Firstly, we have Tarhos Kovács. The Knight’s origins are quite obscure. He doesn’t remember much about his childhood. He only remembers his home village being raided. Then, he was taken as a slave and belonged to the Guardia Compagnia.

During his time, he became one of the strongest, smartest, and most skilled mercenaries. That quickly earned him three followers: Alejandro, Durkos, and Sander. Tarhos would gain knighthood and freedom. His new goal was to free his followers.

That led him to work for Vittorio Toscano, the Duke of Portoscuro. Vittorio was a scholar and collector of ancient mystic knowledge. Eventually, Tarhos demanded to know Vittorio’s secrets, imprisoning him. He then took his riches and raised an army to attack the Guardia Compagnia.

After freeing his followers, he’d find out that Vittorio escaped. Plus, different lords had banded against Tarhos, the embodiment of evil. During their attack on Tarhos’ land, he was captured by The Entity.

In the game, Dead by Daylight’s new killer comes with the usual three perks. Nowhere to Hide highlights survivor auras after damaging generators. Hex: Face the Darkness curses a survivor you injure, making others scream. Lastly, Hubris exposes survivors that stun you.

The Knight’s main ability is Guardia Compagnia. You can spawn one of his three followers and set their path. They’re somewhat similar to Nemesis’ zombies: AI-controlled agents. Each one has a different power. But, you can only spawn one at a time.

Vittorio Toscano: The survivor that worked with the killer

dead by daylight new survivor The scholar might also be the most handsome survivor to date, just saying. (Image credit: Dead by Daylight Wiki).

On the survivor’s side, we have Vittorio Toscano. His philosophy studies took the interest away from violence and combat. So, he disappointed his father by not becoming a knight. His father even sent an attack for him, which Vittorio defeated without direct harm. After a parry, the attacker fell on his dagger and bled out.

Vittorio swore never to pick up a sword again. From there, he dedicated himself to scholarship. Under his uncle Renzo’s tutelage, he started his venture into the lost and ancient. He eventually inherited his uncle’s fortune.

During these endeavors, he ended up working with Tarhos. With time, their business relationship became strained. Vittorio’s pacifism and Tarhos’ violent nature clashed. Then, Tarhos defied Vittorio, as I covered in the former’s story.

The difference lies in that Vittorio didn’t escape. He used the different symbols he discovered to try and reach paradise. However, it appears to have backfired. After his last attempt, a black fog rose around him from the scriptures. It was most likely The Entity taking him, as he appeared in the game’s world.

Like other survivors, he brings three unique perks to the game. Potential Energy uses a token system to repair generators faster. Fogwise reveals the killer’s aura for a while on Great Skill Checks. Quick Gambit increases other survivors’ repair speed if you’re chased near them.

Featured Image Credit: Dead by Daylight.



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