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Dead By Daylight Movie Officially Announced

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BY March 4, 2023

If you’re a fan of horror, then you might have heard the news. Dead by Daylight, the freaky multiplayer survival game, is getting its movie adaptation! It will be produced by two big names in the horror movie biz, Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. It’ll be in collaboration with the developers, Behaviour Interactive. Though we don’t know much about the Dead by Daylight movie yet, Variety reported that it would expand the Dead by Daylight universe

Don’t get too excited; we’ll have to wait a few years for it to come out since they’re still on the hunt for a director and screenwriter. James Wan, Jason Blum, and Stephen Mulrooney will produce the movie. James Wan is from Atomic Monster, while Jason Blum is from Blumhouse Productions. Additionally, Stephen Mulrooney, the executive vice president for Behaviour, created the video game. Are you ready to see your favorite Dead by Daylight characters on the big screen? We sure are! Here’s what Stephen Mulrooney had to say about the Dead by Daylight movie:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with Jason Blum and James Wan, two giants of the horror film industry, to further expand the Dead by Daylight universe. At Behaviour, our motto is to create unique moments, together, forever. Atomic Monster and Blumhouse are the ideal partners to craft Dead by Daylight’s killer entrance onto the big screen.”

Additionally, producer James Wan spoke about how he and the Atomic Monster team enjoy playing the video game. According to him, the game is “perfect for a scary cinematic adaptation.” He also complimented the title’s “building of an incredible environment teeming with atmosphere and terrifying villains”. So, the Dead by Daylight movie will be perfect!

Dead by Daylight Movie Cast and Crew

Dead by Daylight Movie Image: Behaviour Interactive

Unfortunately, since the Dead by Daylight movie is still in the early stages, we don’t know much about it. After all, they haven’t even found a screenwriter or director yet! So, don’t expect any news about the cast or other major crew members yet. 

But hey, don’t worry too much about the movie ruining the Dead by Daylight vibe. Blum reassured fans that they’re on the hunt for a director and screenwriter who are already die-hard game fans. Here’s what he said:

” think it’s imperative we find someone who appreciates and loves the world as much as we do, to help us bring the game to the big screen.”

Naturally, this makes a lot of sense. The Dead by Daylight movie will need to cater to fans of the game just as much as new audiences. It’s vital for them to please both markets. So, hiring crew members who already enjoy the game will help them to do this.

Additionally, the crew members we know about already have us excited. After all, James Wan and Jason Blum are no strangers to the horror movie scene. They’re the masterminds behind some of the most spine-tingling franchises, like Saw, Paranormal Activity, and The Conjuring series. 

Their movies have kept us up at night, jumping at every little sound. And get this, Atomic Monster and Blumhouse are officially joining forces, which means we can expect even more epic horror collaborations from these two. So, we’re both terrified and excited to see what they have in store for us with the Dead by Daylight movie!

Blumhouse Pictures Video Games

Dead by Daylight Movie Image: Behaviour Interactive

Looks like Blumhouse is keeping us on our toes! They recently surprised us by announcing that they’re not just sticking to making movies based on video games but also dipping their toes into the gaming world. That’s right; they’re making video games! Talk about a plot twist. It’s always exciting to see a company try something new, and we can’t wait to see what kind of games they have in store for us. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some familiar faces from their horror movie franchises appear in their games too. Let’s hope for more news about the Dead by Daylight movie soon!


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