The Flash Hot Toys Surprises Fans With Its Realism!
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The Flash Hot Toys Surprises Fans With Its Realism!

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BY June 11, 2023

On June 16, Ezra Miller’s movie will hit theaters almost everywhere. However, some action figures of The Flash’s character will also arrive on the scene, Hot Toys developed several collectables, some speedsters, and accessories to celebrate the event.

The speedster figures reflect characteristic traits of Ezra Miller’s character, both in the running, gestures and Flash’s own facial identity. This will not be the only character to appear in this collectible figure set. Sideshow will also include a version of Batman in this package.

The Flash Action Toy Set From Hot Toys Looks Amazing

The Flash Hot Toys Image: Sideshow

Today, June 10, 2023, toy manufacturer Hot Toys announced the creation of collectible figures from Eza Miller’s The Flash movie. This will include 2 items that include two speedster editions— the first at the collector’s level and an even more special one that could join the Justice League of Hot Toys series.

Another character from the movie will have his action figure, and it will be Michael Keaton’s Batman. The return of this version of The Dark Knight caused expectations and excitement in the general public. This prompted the company to manufacture a collectible edition of this bat edition.

The company highlights that each figure shows Ezra Miller’s character, which we will see in The Flash movie. They indicated that it will have the gestures of this version of the speedster, avoiding confusion with the edition shown in the Warner series starring Grant Gustin.

To do this, they manually developed every detail of the face and the action figure to ensure they showed the desired features. In addition, they commented that another element that added several important details is the costume of the speedster. This will be identical to the one presented by Flash in the movie trailer.

What does Each Flash Figure Include?

flash Image: Sideshow

As we mentioned, two versions of the Flash Hot Toys are available, one special and the other collectible. In the first one, we can find a life-size ring, which can be opened and closed; you can also place any of the two editions of the toy inside this accessory.

Another element included is two interchangeable heads of the character that look like a portrait of the character on the big screen. Hot Toys highlighted that the first face would show Barry Allen in all his splendor, and the second would include the hood of The Flash, allowing him to show his heroic version. About this, Sideshow posted the following on its website.

“His costume is beautifully tailored in a classic red scheme, accompanied with silver accents. The Flash’s signature emblem with LED light-up function, and specially applied with golden yellow luminous patterns on the costume to emphasize his abilities in action. The figure also includes an interchangeable helmet with translucent orange-colored goggles and adjustable lightning effects accessories to complete his look. A specially designed LED-lighted figure stand with The Flash logo allows for unique display.”

Ezra Miller’s The Flash collectible Hot Toys features the speedster in one of his most iconic and eye-catching positions. It also includes the character’s exculpated heads.

Both versions are available for pre-sale at $290, with an estimated ship date between July 2024 and December 2024. Meanwhile, The Flash movie will be in theaters June 16, 2023, kicking off with Sasha Calle’s Supergirl character and Keaton’s return as Batman.

Featured Image Via Sideshow 


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