Ezra Miller The Flash Promotion, Actor Will Be Low Profile
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Warner Pulls Out Ezra Miller The Flash Promotion! Actor Will Be Low Profile

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BY June 4, 2023

It is common for movie stars to travel around the world to promote the film to boost box office results. We saw it in the case of Dwaine Jhonson with Black Adam; there is also Harrison Ford, who went around the world at 80 years old to heighten Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny. However, Ezra Miller will not be able to participate in The Flash promotion.

The actor will be low profile throughout the marketing phase of the film, and the reasons are obvious. Ezra Miller was involved in a crime spree in the middle of last year that almost led to the project’s cancellation.

Ezra Miller to Be Low Profile Mode in The Flash Promotion

Ezra Miller Returning To LA Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In a rare move, Warner has blocked star Ezra Miller from participating in the promotion of The Flash movie. This is not the only one, as much of the cast will be absent from photo-taking and commentary with the press, and this includes both Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle.

The reason for the measure is that they seek to prevent the press from talking about Miller’s criminal behavior. It should be noted that the actor was locked up several times in Hawaii for erratic conduct. In addition, The Flash actor was facing several accusations of psychological assault and drugging a minor and burglary and breaking. Here is a timeline of the disaster caused by Ezra Miller

With these facts, the studio wanted the press and the general public to be focused on The Flash movie during the promotion and not on Ezra Miller’s life. The studio comments show that the actor is healthy and fully compliant with his treatment. This may be a smart move by Warner, considering that an outburst from Miller could dynamite the film.

Warner Bros. commented that despite everything, they have high expectations, which does not imply that they will not promote The Flash. In fact, they are applying several marketing strategies, such as broadcasting the promotional video of the movie during the NBA and NHL Playoffs. In addition, it plans to play the secret mystery of the film’s ending as a trump card to attract audiences to the theatres.

Warner Bros. Strategy 

The Flash film Image: James Gunn Twitter/Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. commented that the opening of The Flash is quite high, around $75 million. This figure would surpass the opening gross of Aquaman, which generated more than $1 billion worldwide in 2018. They have high expectations for the film, initially triggered by James Gunn’s statements that it would be the best superhero movie yet.

Part of the studio’s strategy is to present the film only once in the days leading up to the film’s release. The reason is to build anticipation and curiosity about the secret ending of this production. At the Cinemacon, they made a presentation. However, the ending was cut dryly and presented some later edits that left that detail in suspense.

Warner indicated they will keep that information under wraps until the film’s release. He also stated that there would be several PR events in major cities, where director Andy Muschietti will introduce the film, and they expect Michael Keaton to clear his schedule for a London screening. There will also be a massive word-of-mouth screening program with 400 screens showing it across the United States and Canada.

As for Ezra Miller, he will not participate in the promotion of The Flash. However, he will participate in a photo shoot during the premiere. The date is June 16, and we look forward to it. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. / Orion Pictures 


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