Crunchyroll Servers Crash During Premier of Attack on Titan Season 4
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Crunchyroll Servers Crash During Premier of Attack on Titan Season 4

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BY December 7, 2020

I couldn’t wait to see the season 4 premiere of Attack on Titan. The show is one of the most ambitious projects of the past decade. If you’re like me and couldn’t wait to check it out yesterday, then there’s a chance you ran into the same problem I did. The show’s insane popularity made the Crunchyroll servers crash. Luckily, the anime streaming company handled things quickly. It wasn’t their fault; the show is just going to pull in a lot of viewers and sometimes that can flood the system. In its final season, Attack on Titan didn’t need more publicity or hype. Breaking one of the most popular streaming services, however, is a pretty cool accolade.

Attack on Titan Premier Makes the Crunchyroll Servers Crash

attack on titan crunchyroll servers crash Image Credit: Crunchyroll

It’s not every day that a piece of media can throw off an entire digital system. We saw it occur with the immense hype around Call of Duty Modern Warfare, as well as when GTA 5 became free on Epic. Come to think of it, gaming servers crash a lot. Streaming services, however, usually hold their own. Even the most anticipated releases of a new show or season usually don’t bring the whole thing down. Well, when you’re one of the biggest anime series in the world, you’re used to breaking records.

Attack on Titan debuted its fourth season this past Sunday and made the Crunchyroll servers crash. The series is wrapping up its iconic run this season. It’s no wonder so many can’t wait to get their hands on new episodes. The show, thanks to its initial popularity and Netflix availability, really became a global phenomenon. In a lot of ways, it’s a show many who don’t watch anime actually check out. The story really takes a jump in this last season and fans couldn’t wait to check it out. Just like the chaos the characters experience, fans couldn’t get their new episode on Sunday due to server issues. Crunchyroll handled things really well and fixed all issues up in a timely manner.

It’s impressive to see this sort of thing happen. Nobody wants the servers to crash, but if you’re marketing a new show, then it’s a fun tidbit to throw out to people. MAPPA really stepped it up for the animation this season, and I can’t wait to see more. Here’s hoping to no more issues with streaming the new episodes! Be sure to check out new episodes of Attack on Titan every Sunday on Crunchyroll. 

Featured Image Credit: Crunchyroll

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