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GTA V Free On The Epic Games Store, But Crashed It

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BY March 12, 2021

Grand Theft Auto V is an unprecedented force in gaming. The title is almost 7 years old but still hits player counts competitive with the hottest releases across consoles and PC. In short, the game took over gaming charts and hasn’t let up yet. If you want proof, then just check out the latest news surrounding Rockstar’s hit game. You can get GTA V for free right now on the Epic Games Store, but there’s a catch. The game’s popularity crashed the site, so you might have trouble getting in right away.

How to Get GTA V for Free on the Epic Games Store

GTA V for Free Image Credit: Rockstar Games

The Epic Games Store features a free game every month. Overall, they are usually great titles to pick up, especially for no money. This time, however, the game was so huge that it leaked on Twitter. If you want to grab the game, then the process is usually pretty easy. That is when the game’s massive popularity doesn’t crash the website.

Getting GTA V for free is simple. Go to the Epic Games Store and you’ll see it clearly labeled with a download button. If you check the website now, then you’re much more likely to see this.

GTA V for Free Image Credit: Epic Games Store

So, for the time being, patience is going to be a virtue. The game will be available until May 21, so don’t feel like you’ll miss out. The chances are that the site traffic will slow down a bit for you to be able to grab it. Also, users who downloaded the Epic Games desktop app report they are able to buy and download the game without delay. If anything, this is just a sign that Epic Games chose a great choice for May. Sort of like the Modern Warefare Warzone free weekend server crash, it’s a bittersweet event. Sure, you want players to get the game. On the other hand, your site or server crashing means you’re doing something right. The Epic Games store is in the midst of a massive sale where games like the original Watchdogs, the remastered Ghostbusters game, and others are on sale for deep discounts.

If you haven’t played GTA V yet, then pick it up for free on PC and let us know what your thoughts are! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things gaming, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games


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