Warrior Nun Mistakes From Season 2 That Need Fixing ASAP
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Warrior Nun Mistakes From Season 2 That Need Fixing ASAP

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BY December 13, 2022

If you’re a true Netflix viewer, you already binged ‘Warrior Nun’ season 2. It dropped just days ago, giving us plenty of things to discuss. As good as the season was, the creators made numerous mistakes in the latest episodes of ‘Warrior Nun’. That being said, here are some of the biggest ‘Warrior Nun’ mistakes from season 2 that need fixing in order to maintain the great viewership they have gained so far!

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 Mistakes

So, we’ve previously thoroughly reviewed season 2 of the amazing new powerful nuns-fighting-demons show called ‘Warrior Nun’. By doing so, we came across several ‘Warrior Nun’ mistakes in season 2 that really need fixing. 

‘Warrior Nun’ Mistakes Ava from ‘Warrior Nun’, photo by Netflix

Ava and her terrible plans. Adriel’s Alive and Mary’s Gone?

For one, Ava tried thinking about new ways to capture and defeat Adriel throughout the season, only to end up with pretty much the same solution. And every single time, Adriel predicted her moves. It seems that all of Ava’s actions backfired completely in season 2. 

While we’re talking about Adriel, we noticed season 2 started off with Adriel alive, and Mary is gone. While the actress portraying Mary did explain this afterwards, the way she just disappeared from the show is kind of… rude? That is definitely not a good way to say goodbye to a character. 

Unanswered questions 

One of the many ‘Warrior Nun’ mistakes from season 2 is not giving us the answers to many crucial questions. For example, Lilith took Adriel’s side in the fight willingly. Let’s all remember how she spent literally a whole previous season trying to stop him! Why did she, all of a sudden, completely believe him? 

Moreover, what is that war that they warned Lilith about? She did not discuss it, and neither did the rest of the Nuns. While the end of season 2 makes the groundwork for the Holy War, we viewers would still like to know some facts about the show’s timeline. 

The opening of all the different realms also needs explaining. Now that Reya returned to the celestial realm, Ava needs help getting out of Reya’s realm. On the other hand, we’ve already seen what happened to Michael after coming back, so is the same thing going to happen to Ava? Is she going to age as fast as Michael? Can we find out if Reya truly is a goddess, as well as what lies inside her Realm? So…Many…Questions!

‘Warrior Nun’ Mistakes. Reya from 'Warrior Nun' Reya from ‘Warrior Nun’ season 2, photo by Netflix

Poor Character Development 

While the entire character focus was on Ava and Beatrice, and sometimes Adriel, the rest of the crew got little to no character development in season 2. Some of the ‘forgotten’ characters are Michael, Reya, and even Lilith. 

Moreover, Mother Superion is once again training the recruits and young soldiers, which was a great chance to learn more about her. There have been so many missed opportunities to tell their stories! If the show gets renewed, we really hope creators will fix some of these ‘Warrior Nun’ mistakes we’ve noticed in season 2.

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