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Twilight Zone Season 2 Trailer: Adjust Your Set

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BY March 1, 2021

I am a huge fan of Rod Serling and the original Twilight Zone. I’ve spent time internally debating my top 5 episodes and I can quote liberally from those episodes. But it’s not just the original–I’ve enjoyed the reboots over the years. Then came the reboot on CBS All Access, of which I can most charitably say that I was whelmed. So let’s check out the Twilight Zone season 2 trailer and see if it ups our whelm level.

Wait, What Was Wrong With Season 1?

twilight zone season 2 trailer image via CBS All Access

I mean, nothing, really. There was nothing super objectionable about the first season…and that’s part of the problem. Although I didn’t finish the season, I watched a respectable number for review. And of the ones I saw, most of them were too long–they should be a half hour, like the original–and too bland to make an impact. They either didn’t have a central thesis or it was too muddled to be effective.

The rare exception to this, though, was the episode “Replay.” In the story, mom Nina (Sanaa Lathan) and her son, Dorian (Damson Idris), are trying to complete a rite of passage–moving-in day at college. However, they keep running into a police officer, Officer Lasky (Glenn Fleshler), and each encounter ends tragically. I say “keep” and “each” because Nina’s discovered that her old camcorder has the power to rewind time. It’s not as fortuitous as you might think, though, because, like I said, it keeps ending badly. The episode suggests, as we’ve sadly seen in real life, that a camera might not be the weapon we think it is. It’s also the only episode I watched where I didn’t know exactly how it would all play out. It’s a tense slice of TV that keeps you anxious until the very end. They’d do well to keep that vibe in season 2.

The Twilight Zone Season 2 Trailer: Let’s Watch And Find Out

And they just might. Because on first watch, this season seems to have more of a spooky-ooky vibe than season 1. Regarding last season, Jordan Peele told The New York Times, “It can’t go so dark that it makes us want to curl up in a ball,” buuuut, why not? Peele explained that this was part of the show’s “Serling wink,” but the real Serling was a WWII vet who exorcised his demons through the writing of the original show (which deserves its place in any horror anthology series). As such, the original show wasn’t all puppies and sunshine. It dealt with death, war crimes, bigotry, and other difficult topics. And it didn’t shy away from the horror of it all.

So it’s encouraging that the trailer hints at more disturbing fare. But hints are all we have right now besides glimpses of some famous faces. As you can see from the trailer, actors like Billy Porter, Morena Baccarin, Christopher Meloni, Jimmi Simpson, Tavi Gevinson, Kylie Bunbury, and Tony Hale will be starring in episodes.

The Twilight Zone season 2 will premiere on CBS All Access on June 25.

As always, let us know what you think. Did you spot anyone or anything in the trailer that has you intrigued? Tell us below or on social media.

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