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BY April 22, 2019

Once every decade, there comes a TV show which is loved and admired by everyone. Irrespective of your age, sex, region, financial status, everyone falls in love with it. In our times, this has to be This Is Us.

Every episode tugs at your heart and leaves a mark. You never feel bored or disconnected from the characters. Just like life, in this show, everyone the protagonist and everyone is the antagonist.

A TV show about the struggles and triumphs of a family. Once you start watching it, you become part of the Pearsons. You feel that your life is now connected with the lives of Jack, Rebecca, Randall, Kate, Kevin, William, Beth, Miguel, Tobi, Sophie, Tess, Annie and many more.

The Origins

The story of This is Us begins with Jack and Rebecca who are expecting triplets and are super excited about the next stage of life. Jack has everything planned and set for the babies.

But when was the last time life followed our plans?

They lose one of the babies during the delivery and are engulfed in sorrow. But when it seems that this sorrow will break the spirit of this young couple, they find out that a newborn has been left outside the door of a fire station.

Thus begins the journey of how during the most challenging time of their lives, they choose to make the best of it and leave the hospital with three babies.

Compelling Storytelling on This Is Us

One of the fascinating aspects of this show is how the story unfolds. Many episodes feature a story line in the present (2016-2019), but many story arcs are from a different time and are presented as flashbacks.

These flashbacks are about Jack and Rebecca; before the kids were born and some of them are during the early and growing years of the kids. Sometimes within the same episode, the viewer gets to jump through different times.

Storytelling in this show is so complex that often the solution to a problem that the family is facing now often lies in a conversation from the past.

The Families

As mentioned earlier the story begins with Jack and Rebecca, but then we meet the kids Randall, Kate, and Kevin. We see their early years, their adolescents’ age and their present. You witness how the struggles and tribulations of life have designed their destiny.

Randall is the baby who the Pearsons adopt and often struggles with belonging to the family. But the love he receives from his parents helps him overcome all his inhibitions. He still searches for his biological father, and that develops in a different story arc for him and William (his biological father).

Kate is the girl child and struggles with her weight. She is deeply devoted to her father but has some underlying issues with her mother. Later in the show, she meets Tobi whom she falls in love with and then gets married. Her journey is negatively affected by the loss of her father.

The youngest of the three children is Kevin, who has his issue with his brother and with his parents. He marries his childhood love Sophie, but they part ways as things soon go south.

Jack and Rebecca have their demons to deal with, where Jack has an alcohol problem. Rebecca turns out to be very controlling. But through all of this, the beauty of this family lies in how they deal with all these issues and yet are deeply connected. Every episode leaves a subtle message for the viewer to cherish their family and the time they have with them.

The Outsiders on This Is Us

The show may be centered around the lives of the Pearsons, but it does not neglect any of the other characters. Every character plays a critical role in the storyline and the subsequent success of the show.

Dr. K who is the doctor who delivers the Pearson children is a source of hope, strength, and guidance to Jack and Rebecca multiple times. While William fills the void in Randall’s life, he also fills the lives of Tess and Annie (Randall’s daughters) with loving memories.

Tobi not only fills up Kate’s life with companionship but is also her moral compass. He is always there to help Kate stay afloat when life gets too hard for her. Beth brings serenity in the hectic life that Randall lives. She is the anchor of Randall’s story while juggling all of her other duties.

All of these characters carry their emotional baggage but are the leaning shoulder to someone else in the family. As I stated earlier, each member of this show is so relatable to everyone who is watching it.

This Is Us – the Quotes

If there ever was a show written with so many life-changing quotes, it is This Is Us. Every episode has a couple of quotes which can be life altering for the viewer. From Dr. K advising Jack to take the sourest lemon life has handed him and try to make something resembling lemonade. To Rebecca expressing what every mother feels while watching her children grow when she says

“When you’re a mom, you get a front seat to the best show in town: Watching your kids grow up.”

All you need to do is to perform a search on google about THIS IS US quotes, and you will understand how profound and straightforward every one of those quotes is.

This Is Us – A Story Worth Telling

One of the best parts of This Is Us, is how its story line seems relatable to every viewer. This show is a celebration of every human emotion.

Every episode leaves you reaching for the box of tissues because on some level to connect with what the characters of this show feel and react to particular situations. This show allows you to learn and implement some of the hardest of life’s lessons.

As this show runs into its 3rd season, there is so much more to see, feel express and love for not only the Pearsons but also for those sitting on the other side of the screen: us.

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