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The Hardy Boys Finale: What Happened At Midnight

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BY March 15, 2021

When I last wrote about The Hardy Boys, I still had about half the season to go. I’ve now finished the season, and as I promised, I’m now back to talk about the Hardy Boys finale. So if you haven’t finished yet, then come back later. There will be spoilers just running amok after this.

What Happened On The Hardy Boys Finale And Season Recap (Again, Spoilers)

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As I mentioned in a previous post about The Hardy Boys on Hulu, the starting and central mystery of season 1 is who killed Laura Hardy. As Frank and Joe dig into that mystery, it splinters into many other directions. For instance, there’s an attack on a boat, a missing local, and a mysterious “Tall Man” (Stephen R. Hart) who keeps coming after Joe.

Of course, what we learn is that it’s all connected. Years ago, the paterfamiliases of three Bridgeport families discovered the Eye, a powerful artifact. They could have used it to control the world, but George Estabrook, the Hardy boys’ grandpa, was skittish. So Estabrook, along with the other men, Victor Nabokov and…Mr. Khan, split the Eye into thirds. However, they learned quickly that the Eye is serious, as Estabrook died in a plane crash not long after. His piece of the Eye was assumed lost to the depths of the ocean.

Much of the season is a cat-and-mouse game involving pieces of the Eye. Sometimes you have one, sometimes you have two, and then someone steals from you. It all culminates in a mystical chamber, where Gloria Estabrook and Stacy Baker (née Nabokov, played by Rachel Drance), rejoin the pieces. In his hurry to stop the Eye from doing whatever it’s going to do, Frank practically tackles it and takes a full wallop of its power. And at this point, Laura’s murderer is almost an afterthought. It turns out that Gloria’s butler, Stefan (Ric Garcia), took it upon himself to run his boss’s daughter off the road. Who? Yeah. Despite his steady presence through the season, I thought he didn’t make enough of an impact to make the reveal feel shocking or satisfying.

What I Liked And Didn’t Like About The Season As A Whole

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In general, I liked the season. I thought the two young actors at its center were compelling enough to carry the action. I also liked their circle of friends and the way they easily integrated into that action. At the same time, the boys were able to forge a stronger relationship with their Aunt Trudy, whom they didn’t initially trust with their secrets.

However, that was at the detriment of their relationship with their dad, who’s missing from the story most of the time. That does give the Hardy boys the impetus to become better detectives on their own, but still. It seems weird that he’d just leave them there so soon after their mother’s death. I know he’s investigating her death, and a case that turns out to be related, but I wish he were more present.

Similarly, I didn’t like the way the show handled Callie’s feelings toward Stacy. Callie is suspicious of the other girl basically from the beginning. She has good reason to be, but it’s mainly played as if she’s more concerned with Stacy’s relationship with Frank. I would have liked it more if she’d had somebody else in her corner from the start.

And overall, although I liked the show, I didn’t think they had enough story for thirteen episodes. As such, episodes started to drag in the second half of the season. I think it would have been better if they’d had other mini-mysteries to solve along with the season’s overarching mystery. But no, every new strange detail ended up being tied to the main case. Surely, there’s some other unexplained things in town.

And on that note, showing them solving other mysteries would have made the central mystery more believable. Because they don’t so much solve it as careen into its secrets. If we could see them flexing their detective skills in other cases, then the reveals in the Hardy Boys finale would have felt more earned.

But that’s just what I think. Let me know what you think in these comments or on our social media.

And again, the full season of The Hardy Boys is available on Hulu.

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