Rings Of Power Theories For Season 2 - Sauron And More
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Rings Of Power Theories For Season 2 – Sauron And More

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BY November 16, 2022

Less than a month ago, Amazon finished airing the first season of the Lord of the Rings prequel series, Rings of Power. Naturally, it was quite a show with a huge budget and gorgeous visuals. Additionally, it was a hit with fans, too, with Amazon reporting the first two episodes had the highest number of viewers for an Amazon Prime Video premiere. Unfortunately, we’re quite far off from the show’s second season. Production and filming for it only started in October 2022. However, that hasn’t stopped some fans from coming up with pretty interesting Rings of Power theories. Here are some of our favourites so far.

Rings of Power Theories – Sauron’s Disguises

Rings of Power Theories Image: Lord of the Rings Wikia

Starting off our Rings of Power theories, we have one that centers around the character of Sauron. In the Lord of the Rings series, Sauron is a mysterious shapeshifter who can use his powers to manipulate others. We saw this ability in several books, although the TV series hasn’t addressed this. Naturally, the creators J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, have clarified that we’ll see more of Sauron in season 2. We’ll likely learn more about Sauron’s backstory and get more details about his evil plans. As such, there are strong theories that we’ll also see him employ more of his disguises to trick others. 

If that wasn’t enough, Maxim Baldry‘s character, Isildur, featured much heavier in Rings of Power than in other Lords of the Rings material. So, it’s likely that we’ll see more of this character, potentially stuck somewhere in Mordor. In addition, some theories suggest that Charlie Vickers‘s character Halbrand-Sauron will meet Isildur. Of course, Isildur has no idea he’s dealing with Sauron, so Sit’sauron could trick Isildur into doing his bidding.

Also, some fans believe that Halbrand might not even be Sauron. They say that the revelation is fake, whereas some state that Halbrand from episode 8 isn’t the same as earlier in the season. According to this theory, Mount Doom‘s eruption killed Halbrand, with Sauron taking on his disguise. In doing so, he could continue to Eregion, which would certainly be a sneaky plan. However, this is probably one of the most unlikely Rings of Power theories.

Rings of Power Theories – The Stranger

Rings of Power Theories Image: Lord of the Rings Wikia

Next, for our Rings of Power theories, we have one about the mysterious Stranger. Daniel Weyman plays this character. Previously, at the end of the finale, the Stranger dropped a cryptic message that seemed to be something straight out of Gandalf’s book. Additionally, his curious personality was rather close to Gandalf’s ways. Naturally, neither the cast nor the crew has confirmed that the two are the same person, although this theory suggests that he might be.

Even if he’s not Gandalf, there are plenty of interesting Rings of Power theories about who he could be. Indeed, we know he’s an “istar,” leaving his identity open for speculation. Perhaps, he’s one of the Blue Wizards, which Tolkien did mention as existing during the show. Maybe he’s another Vala Aulë’s servant, like Sauron, or he could be Saruman. Or he could be an entirely new character!

LOTR Theory

Rings of Power Theories Image: Lord of the Rings Wikia

On top of these huge Rings of Power theories, some minor ones are just as interesting. Some fans have speculated that we’ll learn more about the Entwives in season 2. Previously, we saw the ents as a cameo in the first episode and not much more. Perhaps we’ll find out how the entwives disappeared in the next season.

In addition, there are also rumours that we’ll finally get to see Glorfindel in the series. In almost every film or TV adaptation of the series, Glorfindel has been sadly missing. According to canon, he returns to Middle Earth during the Second Age. This is when Rings of Power takes place, so fans may see him in the flesh. As well as Glorfindel, some fans believe we’ll also see Tom Bombadil in the series. In the series, he’s the only character the Ring cannot control, although this is unexplained. We know he’s existed in Middle Earth since the dawn of time. So, what better way to explain his history than include him in the next season?

Also, there are suggestions that the Fading is part of Sauron’s evil plan. According to one of the Rings of Power theories, Sauron co-ordinated the whole thing, and we’ll see the truth of the mithril story. Of course, none of these theories has been proven true or false, but it’s still fun to speculate!

You can catch the first season of Rings of Power exclusively on Amazon Prime. Production and filming are currently underway for season 2, with a release date unconfirmed.

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