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Quibi Content on Roku Now: Will You Watch It for Free?

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BY January 10, 2021

The mobile-only streaming platform Quibi has taken a lot hard knocks in the past year. I should know–I gave a lot of them. But don’t worry. Your favorite streamer just keeps winning. Quibi content is on Roku now.


quibi content on roku image via Roku

As you might recall, specifically because I said so, the Quibi gamble rang in at a cool $1.75 billion. You’d expect then, especially with the massive names Quibi boasted for their projects, that they’d make a tidy profit. Oh, honey.

According to Deadline,  “…the valuation is understood to be less than $100 million” for Quibi content on Roku. Not so great for Quibi maybe, but pretty good for Roku. As Deadline reports, shares of Roku climbed 5% when the news became public.

What Can You Expect Now That Quibi Content Is On Roku?

First of all, don’t expect it right away. While the Quibi catalog is slated to be on the Roku channel later this year, it’s not currently available. However, when it appears, it’ll function a little like it did on the app. That means that there will be ads, similar to Quibi’s $5 a month plan. Still though, that’s not surprising since the Roku channel already features ad insertions.

It is unclear at this point, though, how the shows will play on Roku. In case you don’t remember, Quibi broke its shows and movies into “quick bites,” hence the name. That meant that they broke each piece of content into pieces of about five to ten minutes each.

That format seems unlikely for television, and the comments from Roku’s VP of programming, Rob Holmes, bear that out. He told Deadline, for instance, “It’s the same availability of content, the same presentation of content. But as we spent a bunch of time with it, it really works, but they’re just TV episodes. I think their premise was, you have 10 minutes, you would watch it. Our view is, this is TV, someone’s going to spend half an hour or an hour or two hours watching it because it’s just that compelling.” So it sounds like they’ll playing them as full shows or movies.

In any case, most of Quibi’s content will be available on the channel. The only exception, as far as we know, will be daily news programs.

But will you be watching? Tell us on our social media or in these comments.

featured image (of the amazing 50 States of Fright installment “The Golden Arm”) via Roku now, I guess

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