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Picard Season 2 Has A New Trailer With A Special Guest

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BY July 16, 2021

Star Trek: The Next Generation was full of, to put it into academic terms, nonstop bangers. Looking at TNG as a whole, there’s a lot to love, but the thing that stands out the most for any Star Trek series is the characters, and TNG is no exception, and that’s evident just looking at the bridge crew. And Wesley was there too. TNG also gave us some of the most interesting recurring characters yet. A really evil puddle, an evil robot twin, a digital hivemind 16 years before Reddit was created. Even the Crystalline Entity had a character arc. And there was Q, because if Picard is going to have a rival, that person needs to be a pseudo-god sass-basket. And then the series ended, but Picard didn’t. Picard season 1 ended in early 2020, and now we’re finally getting more than a teaser trailer for Picard season 2

What Happens in the Picard Season 2 Trailer     

It opens with a view of the Picard family vineyard. Picard is looking for Laris, his Romulan housekeeper who turned out to be an awesome character in season 1. Picard can’t find her and asks the air “what the hell is happening,” and then we hear a smug mocking voice right on cue. Q, the second mischievous trickster we’ve seen this week, is back. He looks older, but that’s how bodies work, and they’ll probably find an in-universe explanation that amounts mostly to Q wanting to make fun of how old Picard got.

Picard season 2 trailer Image via CBS Interactive

Then we get a brief sequence framed by three lines that will likely be the plot of this season. From Q: “Welcome to the end of the road not taken.” From an unknown woman: “Time has been broken.” And from our boy himself, Picard: “We can save the future. I will get us home together.” The visuals in the trailer also indicate that some time shenanigans are afoot. Uniforms are different, along with some more martial color schemes. As much as Star Trek Into Darkness wants us to believe Starfleet is an insidious organization, they’re often pretty cuddly, and they’re supposed to be. But now, after time has been fooled about with, Starfleet is characterized by dark grays and maroons. In comparison to the bright friendly primary colors of Starfleets past, that’s a stark and menacing change. The bright and happy futured has been canceled and replaced by a mysteriously manifested dystopia

Picard season 2 trailer Image via CBS Television Studios

Picard isn’t the only one to notice the effects of the time shift.  Seven of Nine, one of the coolest characters in any Star Trek and survivor of assimilation, wakes up without her Borg implants, and she clearly notices the change while rubbing the empty spot they used to fill. So Starfleet has changed along with the lives of many main characters. Even Picard’s outfit in the opening scene looks very different from anything he’s worn, though the kind of lumpy shoulders are reminiscent of his old uniform with a darker flair. The trailer ends with the announcement that the series will be coming in 2022.

Has the Picard season 2 trailer got you properly hyped, or do you miss the days of Q throwing on a costume and making Picard dance and yell. Tell us about it in the comments below! 

Featured image via Image via CBS Television Studios

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