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Teaser Trailer Reveals John de Lancie To Return As Q In Picard Season 2

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BY April 9, 2021

It’s First Contact Day, the pre-anniversary of when Vulcans landed on Earth some 40 years in our future. To celebrate, the folks at Star Trek decided to bless us with a trailer for Picard season 2, revealing that John de Lancie will return as Q. We also found out that we’re not getting season 2 until 2022. Though, our guess is earlier rather than later. We saw the Picard season 1 finale a little more than a year ago, so they are probably looking to debut season 2 in the first quarter of 2022. This is just a guess, but production is already underway, and this is a VFX-heavy series. So, we Jean-Luc fans have some time to wait to find out what happens next in this new chapter of Star Trek stories.

John de Lancie Return to Star Trek Picard season 2 Patrick Stewart The NExt Generation Image via CBS Interactive

We’re all excited that John de Lancie will be back as Q to menace Picard in season 2. However, the most interesting thing about the trailer is Picard’s narration. “The true final frontier is time,” he starts, and then goes on to describe how they never get “second chances.”

There are two ways to take this. It could be that Picard is talking about the second chance he has at life. His consciousness is alive in a synthetic body after the events of the first season. He should have died, yet now he lives (though he is not immortal for both sci-fi and real-world reasons). Yet, Star Trek is a place where time travel happens often. Either through Q magic or typical Star Trek means, we think Jean-Luc and the gang are going to do some traveling in time. Let’s not forget that co-creator of the remarkable 12 Monkeys TV series Terry Matalas is the showrunner this season.

Why John de Lancie Returned for Picard Season 2

Before we get into the time-travel tin-foil-hat theories, let’s take a moment to look at the big reveal from the trailer. Characters from The Next Generation and other shows of that era have popped up in the series already. Some characters, like Hugh and Seven of Nine have gotten rich (albeit dark) second acts to their stories. Yet, arguably, the most important character in the series to Picard is Q. He appeared in the pilot episode and is a being of almost unimaginable power. If Picard is getting a second (third?) act, then Q should be there for at least some of it.

During the announcement, Patrick Stewart and de Lancie were part of a presentation online in which they talked about working together again. Most of the conversation focused on the many appearances Q made in the past, with the two stars being understandably vague about the details. Although, given how meticulously critical these big “Star” franchises’ fans are, they did address one thing. De Lancie implied that he came up with a in-universe reason for the immortal Q to have aged the same amount as the human actor.

You can watch the conversation in the video above and check out the trailer down below.

Star Trek: Picard will debut on Paramount+ in 2022

What do you think? Are you surprised they are bringing back John de Lancie as Q for Picard season 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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