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NOS4A2 Canceled At AMC After Two Seasons

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BY March 24, 2022

Thought it enjoyed a lively fanbase, NOS4A2 won’t make it to season three. AMC has canceled NOS4A2 shortly after the finale of season two. The series, run by Jami O’Brien (who participated in the horror showrunners panel at Comic-Con), and based on the book of the same name by Joe Hill, follows a supernaturally gifted young woman who fights a psychic vampire.

What Happened In Season Two?

(This section contains spoilers. If you want to remain spoiler-free, then skip to the next section.)

At the end of season one, the young woman, Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings), incapacitated the psychic vampire, Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). Season two then begins after a time jump of eight years. By this point, Vic is in a relationship with her rescuer from season one, Lou (Jonathan Langdon). Together, they’re raising her son from a previous relationship, Wayne (Jason David). They’re mostly doing well, although Vic understandably still has some issues after her fraught childhood and her battle with Charlie Manx.

And then Charlie comes back to life. Once he figures out that she has a child, he makes Wayne his mission. After all, Charlie draws his power from the souls of children, whom he imprisons in Christmasland, a creation of his own mind.

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This conflict ultimately culminates in Charlie’s apparent permanent defeat. But things aren’t perfect by the end of season two. The children they freed from Christmasland, including Wayne, still suffer the effects. In addition, Vic’s friend Maggie (Jahkara Smith), is desperate to explore the other mental playgrounds, or “inscapes,” that are out there. So although Charlie Manx seems to be off the board, season two ended with a lot of possibilities for another season.

NOS4A2 Canceled At AMC

nos4a2 canceled image via AMC

Unfortunately, though, if you were hoping to see more of Vic and Maggie’s adventures, then you’re out of luck. On August 31, showrunner O’Brien announced the cancellation on her Twitter account. While she was clearly disappointed, she thanked the cast and crew for their hard work in producing two seasons. In addition, she was grateful that they got to finish the book’s story. She also thanked the viewers for watching the show.

Of course, cancellation is not always the end of the story for many shows. By that I mean, there is the chance that another network or service might pick up the series. Nothing has been suggested or revealed so far, but of course, we’ll keep you up to date on any news.

What are your thoughts on NOS4A2‘s being canceled? Tell us in the comments or let us know on our social media.

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