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Netflix Adds Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Raising Dion’ To Lineup

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BY April 28, 2020

After Netflix canceled all of their Marvel hero/anti-hero shows, it was only a question of how long it would take for another superhero to show up on the streaming platform. On October 4th, Netflix will release Raising Dion. The series has Michael B. Jordan as its producer, whose role in Black Panther proves that he’s no stranger to all of this superhero stuff. Though, Jordan has a deeper history with superhero stories. One of his early post-The Wire roles came in Josh Trank’s Chronicle. He played a kid blessed with superhuman powers after finding a glowing space rock in a field. What all this means is that Jordan has the right background to make a grounded series around a fantastical premise.

Watch the new trailer for Raising Dion below!

What’s Raising Dion About?

After Mark (played by Jordan) passes away in a “storm” (though we can suspect that it’s more complicated than that), he leaves behind his wife, Nicole, and their young son, Dion. Raising a child on your own while grieving the loss of your husband is already hard enough as it is. Nicole’s life only becomes more complicated when it’s discovered that Dion has some mysterious powers. As it goes with many hero stories, people love to exploit those with powers. The series will be about trying to keep Dion safe, while also helping him learn to control his abilities. What he will use them for is still unanswered.

Raising Dion is based on Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg’s comicbook of the same name. The comics received due praise for Piperberg’s beautiful artistic designs and the unique perspective of a single mother raising a child with powers. Unfortunately, after a short first issue, nothing past that has been released. So, Netflix will have to expand on Liu’s writing to create the story world even further.

So, readers, will you be adding Raising Dion to your must-watch list for the fall? I know I am!

Featured image via Netflix.

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