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Netflix Announces Monster Season 2 With Menendez Brothers’ Storyline

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BY May 2, 2023

Fans are anxious after Netflix’s announcement for season 2 of Monster. This spin-off had a big success in its first season, telling the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer the media named “The Milwaukee Butcher”. In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, we saw the crimes he committed and how was his modus operandi until his end in prison.

Ryan Murphy's 'Dahmer' Image via Netflix

This series attracted the public’s attention, causing Netflix to renew for a new season with another impact story. In announcing this new saga, Netflix communicated that they would tell the story of the Menendez brothers. The streaming giant stated that not only will the actors be in this production, but they also got the real criminals to speak in this spin-off.

Monster: Season 2 – The Menendez Brothers

The series Monster will have a second season with a different story from the first. This time, it will revolve around Lyle and Erik Menendez, the brothers who killed their parents supposedly to seize their fortune. This pair of brothers were convicted to life imprisonment for murdering their parents in their mansion. According to police reports, Jose and Kitty Menendez received more than 13 shots. The brothers would’ve done this to seize the great fortune their parents made in show business.

Monster Season 2 - The Menendez Brothers Image via Netflix

Netflix announced this new season on its social networks and official Youtube channel. They also revealed the title of this spin-off, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story. Interestingly, they had “exclusive access” to the two brothers, who are currently in different prisons. 

Netflix’s reasons for continuing the Monster series are mainly due to the success of the first part. According to the company’s data, there were more than “1 billion hours of viewing in its first 60 days, making it only one of four series to achieve this milestone”.

Other Details of Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story

The story for Monster season 2 will narrate the events since the Menendez brothers planned and murdered their parents. Additionally, viewers will see how they used their fortune to live in luxury until Erik confessed to his psychiatrist, and the latter accused them when Erik threatened to kill him. 

We will likely see part of the defense of the brothers’ lawyers, driven by their attorney, Leslie Abramson. She stated that the motives for the murders were the brothers’ defense of their father, who had sexually abused them. This issue emerged again recently when former Menudo Roy Rossello accused their father, Jose Menendez, of sexual abuse.

We will see their life in prison, including their wedding in their respective jails. There may even be interviews with the brothers about their motives for committing the heinous acts against their parents. 

Netflix’s announcement for the second season of Monster confirmed that Ryan Murphy will return as director. Likewise, Netflix confirmed that the show’s development is underway and should be ready by 2024, although the exact release date needed to be detailed.

Watch Netflix’s announcement for Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story below, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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