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Kate Kane Leaving Batwoman, Too: New Character Coming

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BY February 28, 2021

Shortly after Ruby Rose’s announcement that she was leaving Batwoman, the corporate powers-that-be chimed in quickly. They wanted everyone to know that nothing would change. They would recast Batwoman and keep going and we would forget that it had ever been any different. Well, let me get my “DAYS SINCE BATWOMAN HAS CHANGED” sign and reset the counter to zero. Because now Rose’s character Kate Kane is leaving Batwoman and another character will wear the terribly round mask.

I’m Sorry–Kate Kane Is ALLEGEDLY Leaving Batwoman

kate kane leaving batwoman image via The CW

First of all, no one has actually confirmed this. You see, a Reddit user posted an alleged casting notice to the Batwoman show’s subreddit. (The moderators have since removed it, but you can regenerate it through the usual ways. Ahem. I mean, so I’ve read.) The notice is for the casting of a character they’re calling Ryan Wilder. And if you skim over the first part of the character description, you may miss an interesting note.

It says, “Ryan Wilder is about to become Batwoman.” So if this is true, then that answers one question about Kate’s (and Ruby Rose’s) leaving Arrowverse and Batwoman.

That is, they’re probably not going to kill her off. Instead, she’ll likely get the “Miss O’Brien treatment” from Downton Abbey, meaning she will depart from the story off-screen to be explained in expository dialogue from other characters.

So Who IS This Ryan Wilder Person, Anyway?

kate kane leaving batwoman image via The CW

According to the casting notice, they’re on the lookout for a young woman in her mid-20s, “any ethnicity.” Although the notice says that she’s “nothing like Kate Kane, the woman who wore the Batsuit before her,” they both share troubled pasts. While the description doesn’t elaborate on what caused Ryan’s pain, it does say that she drifted into a life of crime and substance abuse. After “years as a drug-runner,” she’s now put the past behind her and lives a reformed life. A life in her van, where her best friend is a plant, but a clean life nonetheless.

The casting notice also notes that she is an out lesbian and affirms their earlier commitment to encouraging members of the LGBTQ community to audition.

What This Means For The Story

kate kane leaving batwoman image via The CW

Since so much of season 1 depended on the dynamic between Kate and her estranged sister Alice, they’ll obviously have to change that with Kate’s departure. However, before Rose announced she was leaving, the showrunners already had plans for Alice to play off another character. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the season finale, showrunner Caroline Dries said, “…I think there’s a journey to be had between Alice and Mary.”

So the next season might still explore that, along with introducing Ryan into the mix. You can easily see a scenario where Alice won’t take well to Ryan’s becoming Batwoman. Add in the previous conflict with Mary and that sounds like compelling drama, probably.

But what do y’all think? Tell us while I update the Batwoman changes sign, here or on social media.

featured image via The CW

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