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DC’s Harley Quinn Series Is Coming to Syfy

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BY January 7, 2021

Although it debuted on the DC Universe streaming platform, the comic giant’s Harley Quinn show hasn’t been exclusive to the streamer. For example, you can buy individual episodes, as well as the whole season, through other providers, like YouTube and Prime Video. However, the show is about to become a lot easier for more folks to watch. That’s because the animated Harley Quinn series is coming to Syfy.

Wait, Why Should I Care That the Harley Quinn Series Is Coming to Syfy?

In case you missed it, or missed our coverage, Harley Quinn is a good show. It’s got the now classic animation style of Batman: The Animated Series, as well as that show’s witty writing. However, unlike Batman: The Animated Series, which originally aired on the Fox Kids network, Harley Quinn is definitely pitched for adults. (That means ultra-violence and pay channel language.) Since Harley has long been one of DC’s most outré characters, it makes sense, though.

Episode 1 begins with a plot point almost as iconic at this point as Martha Wayne’s scattered pearls. It’s Harley breaking up with the Joker one more time for good luck. After that, she’s off and running, much like as in Birds of Prey.

Collaboration with Syfy Further Example of DC Partnerships

Of course, the fact that the Harley Quinn series is coming to Syfy is not unprecedented. DC has already announced, for instance, that its Doom Patrol series will also air on the upcoming HBO Max platform. And each episode of the Stargirl show, due next month, will air on The CW a day after its original airing on DC Universe.

At press time, Syfy has plans to air only the first season of Harley Quinn–season 2 has only just begun on DC Universe, after all. However, if the show does particularly well, or a once-in-a-century pandemic forces networks to get creative again, then it’s likely they’ll pick up the second season as well. Harley Quinn will begin airing on the Syfy network on Sunday, May 3, 11PM EST. They plan to broadcast the show in blocks at a time; the first four episodes will play on May 3. For every subsequent week, they will show three episodes every Sunday. Check Syfy’s schedule and/or your local listings for further details.

Are you going to check out Harley Quinn on Syfy? Tell us in the comments below or on social media?

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