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CBS Renewed Evil for Season 3, By George

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BY July 11, 2021

Hot off the heels of my mentioning it in my June 2021 free time, Evil is reaping the benefits of the coveted Comic Years bump. That’s right, folks, CBS renewed Evil for season 3.

What’s Going On in Season 2 So Far (Spoilers to Follow)

evil renewed season 3 image via CBS/Paramount Plus

As we told you at the end of last season, David had suggested that people (or uh, things) were using a fertility clinic to bad seed a whole generation. That was, after all, the logical conclusion after he and Kristen visited the clinic. The Venn diagram between clinic success stories and the God squad’s worst failures was basically one circle. Also, someone killed creepbox Orson LeRoux. And maybe it was Kristen.

Now in season 2, ikonisch comedy star Andrea Martin has joined the cast as nun Sister Andrea. And despite her appearing in a horror-type show*, she’s not one of the scary movie nuns. She’s more like Glenda the Good…Nun. Anyway, she’s already a big blessing, pun intended. For example, not only did she show David how to hear from God without self-harm, but she also can read the sigil map. In fact, she’s already read it to find one of those infernal fertility clinic kids.

I’m not sure what they’re going to do with this info, but they have it. In other news, remember George from last season? Well, now Ben has Abby, his own nighttime visitor. And she’s a lady demon. Again, we have no idea where they’re going with this, just like we can’t predict Leland’s machinations. He wants to get an exorcism, but that just seems to be part of his plan to corrupt David. Will it work? Well, we’ll see.

CBS Renewed Evil for Season 3

evil renewed season 3 image via CBS/Paramount Plus

As CBS’s own press release says, the show (now on Paramount Plus) is picking up more viewers with each week. Knowing that, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that CBS Studios would sign on for another season. However, that’s only part of their new deal with showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

The couple, who have been creating and producing shows for CBS for over a decade, are there to stay. Or at least, they’re there to stay for another five years, as goes that new deal with the studio. As part of the deal, CBS (and its platforms) will have the sole rights to the Kings’ work. That includes, by the way, shows like The Good Fight, the spinoff of The Good Wife.

Tell us what you think of Evil season 2, as well as its renewal for season 3, on our social media or here in these comments.

*I really don’t know how to describe this show. A drama/thriller/comedy horror…ish?

featured image via CBS/Paramount Plus

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