Ahsoka Trailer, 5 Curiosities Lucasfilm Revealed In New Footage
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5 Curiosities Lucasfilm Revealed In Ahsoka’s Second Trailer

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BY July 14, 2023

The second trailer for Ahsoka is now available, and it has some very juicy content. Lucasfilm already revealed that this spin-off will have 8 episodes, just like most of the Star Wars series, like the seasons of The Mandalorian. Ahsoka’s new teaser is full of curious details and easter eggs. Join us to look at 5 fun facts we’ve compiled from the upcoming Star Wars production. 

1 The Appearance of the Order of Shadows

The new Ahsoka trailer showed the new villains or representatives of the dark side of the force of this series. The Order of Shadows, a group of fallen Jedi, was not annihilated when Palpatine ordered the command 66. However, they fell into the hands of Vader, thus going over to the side of the Empire.

We can denote that there is Baylan Skoll with his apprentice Shin Hati. They are looking for one of the Emperor’s top commanders, Commander Thrawn, who promises them amazing power. Another disturbing detail is the colour of his lightsaber, which is orange rather than red. 

2 The Mentions of Anakin Skywalker in the Ahsoka Trailer

In the Ahsoka trailer, we could see two mentions of Anakin Skywalker. The first is Ahsoka commenting that she never officially completed her Jedi training, and that is why she is not a master as such. It’s worth noting that she left the order before the Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith events because she disagreed with its policies.

The second mention comes in a conversation between Skoll and Ahsoka as the two fight. In it, the Dark Order member tells her that Anakin always had her in mind and thought of her, even in his version of Darth Vader. This brings back memories of their reunion when the Sit exterminated the rebellion and the remaining Jedi.  

3 Ahsoka will be a Master? 

In one scene, we saw how Sabine Wren, an exiled Mandalorian who belonged to the Imperial forces until she defected upon discovering Palpatine’s intentions, called Ahsoka Master. In the Ahsoka trailer, we see several scenes as the protagonist appears to guide her, and we can even see her wielding the lightsaber and facing Skoll’s apprentice, Shin Hati.

The question remains as to what kind of training Ahsoka will give the Mandalorian, considering she is neither Jedi nor Sith.

4 The Appearance of the Strange Inquisitor in the Forest

In a fight scene, we can see a third element of the Dark Order or at least part of the pro-Empire army. This one looked like an inquisitor because of the type of sabre he wielded when confronting the protagonist. The Ahsoka trailer focuses on this character, bringing up the question Who will this Inquisitor be? 

5 The Appearance of Admiral Thrawn in the Ahsoka Trailer

Finally, we have the official appearance of Admiral Thrawn, one of Palpatine’s senior officers. In fact, it could be said that he was his right-hand man along with Vader. This character disappeared shortly before Luke Skywalker’s appearance in New Hope and formally reappeared with the fall of the Empire.

Some speculate that he is the mastermind behind the actions they are stirring up, forcing Ahsoka to fight again. As we saw in the Ahsoka trailer, Lars Mikkelsen will portray this character as he did in his appearance in Star Wars Rebels.

We are likely to learn more about this production in new content revealed by Lucasfilm. We may also find out on 23 August 2023 when this spin-off will be broadcast on Disney+.

Featured Image Via Lucasfilm 

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