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The Lost Adventures Of James Bond Book Reveals Double-O Secrets

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BY April 20, 2022

When I started writing about my journey into the world of James Bond, I knew it wasn’t uncharted territory. Over the years, authors have written many, many books about the super-spy. However, few authors have gotten down into the details like Mark Edlitz. After publishing his first book on 007, he’s now back with The Lost Adventures of James Bond.

Edlitz Wrote Last Year’s The Many Lives of James Bond

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In case you missed it, Mark Edlitz’s first Bond book came out last November. Called The Many Lives of James Bond, it featured interviews with a number of notables in the Bond world. This included interviews with two former Bonds themselves, as well as directors and screenwriters like Tom Mankiewicz. (Mankiewicz officially wrote three Bond movies, including Diamonds Are Forever (check out our retro review here). He also did some rewriting on The Spy Who Loved Me, and helped with Moonraker.) In addition, there were interviews with authors and others who have contributed to the world of James Bond mythology.

But this book wasn’t just an encyclopedia or a beginner’s guide. Instead, Edlitz took almost an academic approach to the subject, getting his interviewees to share their perceptions of Bond. Or as the book jacket says, it takes a look at “…the Bond character through eyes of the artists who interpret him.” Through these talks, Edlitz tried to get into the heart of the world’s famous spy–figuring out, for example, what really drives him. It’s fascinating stuff for Bond fanatics.

Because it’s not a stuffy read, although I just used the word “academic.” In fact, it’s got near-perfect ratings from Bond fans. (The only lesser grades seem to be from people who don’t understand how star ratings work. They’re a little confused, but they’ve got the spirit.)

The Lost Adventures Of James Bond Fills Another Gap

One of the most interesting diversions in The Many Lives was an interview Edlitz did with Ros Holness, whose father Bob played Bond in a radio production of Moonraker. For me, this interview stands as kind of a bridge to the subject matter in The Lost Adventures of James Bond. That’s because through the new book, Edlitz explores little-known stories about the already quite storied spy. He includes, for instance, a detailed examination of what a continued run for Timothy Dalton would have looked like. (As I haven’t gotten to his movies yet, I mostly skimmed through this section while covering my eyes.)

lost adventures of james bond image via United Artists and Murakami-Wolf-Swenson

He also digs up forgotten artifacts of Bondology, like an alleged 90s animated series called James Bond, Jr., which is giving me a full-on Mandela Effect crisis. (It sounds fake, but okay.) But that’s not the only little-seen Bond property he discusses. There are pictures you’ve never seen before, for one thing. He also has details on what is probably Sean Connery’s last performance as Bond. James Bond, to be specific.

So if you think that, unlike me, you’re a James Bond expert, then you might want to challenge yourself with this book. However, even casual fans should find this book compelling. Basically, there’s something in here for every level of Bond fan.

The Lost Adventures of James Bond is available now in paperback and on Kindle.

Tell us what you think, especially about your fake memories of James Bond Jr, on our social media or in the comments.

featured image via Mark Edlitz

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