Jonathan Majors Ex Girlfriend Could Go To Jail! Plot Twist
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Jonathan Majors Ex Girlfriend Could Go To Jail!, Great Plot Twist In The Case

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BY July 9, 2023

The Jonathan Majors case has just taken an unexpected turn with the accusation targeting his ex-girlfriend. The alleged victim’s name, Grace Jabbari, has just come to light. Also, the accuser could face criminal charges in a turn of events. The actor who portrays Kang in Marvel has just filed a complaint against Jabbari, alleging that last March 25, she was the one who assaulted him during a dispute. Can the police arrest Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend? Who is this girl? Let’s answer these questions to anticipate what may happen in the upcoming trial on August 3. 

Who Is Grace Jabbari? Jonathan Majors Ex Girlfriend And Accuser

grace Jabbari Image: Grace Jabbari Instagram

There’s not a lot of information about who Grace Jabbari, Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend, is. What little we know is that she is a 30-year-old dancer and stylist. She and the Kang actor have been dating since 2020 until last March 2023, when the scandal broke out. 

As a movement coach, Grace Jabbari worked for Marvel on the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023). We presume it was during filming that the two met. 

Jabbari alleges that Jonathan Majors broke hes finger, twisted hes arm and punched her in the ear, causing hem to bleed. The Kang actor has denied the allegations, and the court has set August 3 as the date for Jabbari’s trial against Majors. The artist is not well known in the industry, as there is almost no information about her. Moreover, on her public Instagram profile, she only accumulates 3,500 followers. 

The First Hearing in Court of Jonathan Majors

jonathan majors trial Image: Marvel Studios / Wikipedia Commons

Last June 21, Jonathan Majors’ first in-person hearing took place. According to Insider’s sources, the actor stated that Grace Jabbari, “drunk and hysterical” that night, scratched, slapped and grabbed his face, causing him pain and bleeding. However, there is no expert evidence of Majors’ injuries. 

In the latest plot twist, the NYPD is now looking to arrest Marvel star Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend. According to Insider, the actor has taken legal action against her, portraying himself as the assaulted.

His defence attorney, Priya Chaudhry, stated, “Mr. Majors has been asking for justice as the victim here, and he deserves to have his assailant arrested and brought to court to face the charges against her,”. He added, “All along, the DA has been insistent that it won’t give Mr. Majors special treatment because he is ‘high profile.”

Will Jonathan Majors Ex Girlfriend Be Brought to Justice?

Following an assault complaint filed last week by Jonathan Majors toward his ex-girlfriend, the NYPD has issued what is called probable cause. This is known as an “I-card,” or “investigation card,” for London-based Grace Jabbari, according to Insider via reliable sources. This means NYPD has the power to arrest Jabbari if she returns to the U.S. on charges of third-degree assault. 

On this, Majors’ attorney stated, “Now that the NYPD, who has actually investigated Ms. Jabbari, is ready to arrest her, I certainly hope the DA will not delay prosecution of Ms. Jabbari due to the “high profile” nature of this case.”

What will Happen to Jonathan Majors? Is his Career Over?

Jonathan Majors Girlfriend Image: Warner Bros. Television Studios

The next hearing, which will decide the actor’s fate, will take place on August 3. Jonathan Majors continues to be charged with felony assault against his ex-girlfriend. The events occurred on a Chinatown street corner on March 25 after midnight. 

About 11 hours later, Jabbari accused Majors of breaking the middle finger of his right hand, twisting his arm and punching him in the head, causing his right ear to bleed while they struggled in the street.

Kang the Conqueror actor, now faces six counts of assault and three counts of harassment towards Grace Jabbari. Jonathan Majors and his ex-girlfriend met while working together on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, where she worked as a movement trainer. 

The actor has not stopped claiming his innocence, assuring that Jabbari assaulted him during a fit of jealousy. Apparently, it was Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend who tried to snatch his cell phone while he was texting with another woman. It should be remembered that he is a 5.9 feet tall man who weighs 200 pounds. With these physical characteristics, any struggle could result in significant injuries. 

Jonathan Majors’ lawyers claim that they have ample evidence pointing to his ex-girlfriend’s guilt. They have in their possession a camera from the vehicle where the events took place, photographic evidence and security videos. 

Another point against the actor is the article published against him by Rolling Stone. In the investigation, the popular magazine collects testimonies of violence from Majors dating back a decade.

Next August 3 we will have news again, but in any case it does not look good for the actor nor for his character in Marvel Studios.

Featured Image Via Grace Jabbari Instagram

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