Harrison Ford Marvel Partnership: Details On His MCU Introduction
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Harrison Ford Marvel Partnership: Details On His MCU Introduction

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BY October 19, 2022

We recently learned more details about the Harrison Ford and Marvel partnership. The actor will play General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross.

The new Captain America 4 movie is one of the most ambitious projects in Phase 5 of the MCU. In this installment, Sam Wilson will face off against the gamma, known as The Leader. Several rumors exist about the participation of old MCU characters, including Steve Rogers himself. However, Chris Evans’ statements would clarify that this would not be the case.

Another character that recently sounded and now is confirmed his participation in this film is Commander Ross. This character appeared for the last time in the movie The Avengers: Endgame (2019) at the end, at Tony Stark’s funeral. However, he will not be portrayed by William Hurt, as this actor passed away on March 13, 2022.

The actor portraying him will be Harrison Ford in his 80. He will play Commander Ross, possibly retired from his military and political activities. In Captain America: Civil War (2016), he was the secretary of defense and in charge of one of the maximum security supervillain prisons.

Details Revealed About Harrison Ford Marvel Partnership

Harrison Ford Marvel Partnership Image: LucasFilm

According to The Direct, Harrison Ford will play General Ross in Marvel, replacing the late William Hurt. He will appear in the new Captain America movie starring Sam Wilson. The participation of this character in the movie is not confirmed at the moment, but there are several hypotheses.

All the theories point to General Ross’s retirement, which strengthens with Harrison Ford’s age. The first one mentions that this character seeks to help Sam Wilson to solve the problems and confront The Leader. To do this, the General advises and supports him with the connections he developed worldwide.

Another theory about the Harrison Ford and Marvel partnership is that Ross is hunting The Leader since he was indirectly involved in his creation. In The Incredible Hulk (2008), the General’s team attacks his lab and knocks him unconscious. When Blonsky becomes Abomination, he destroys all of Banner’s blood cultures, causing his transformation.

Another alternative suggests that Ross joins The Leader because of his mentality of wanting to control things. So he could play the villain this time, and Sam Wilson must confront him and the gamma being to emerge victorious.

There is one last possibility: the character is a victim of the plot. This hypothesis considers that there is an alter ego of the General that has not yet been presented in the MCU, and it may be a good opportunity to do so. 

Will Red Hulk appear in Captain America 4?

Red Hulk marvel Image: Marvel Comics

The last possibility mentioned refers to General Ross transforming into Red Hulk. In the comic book, this character becomes a giant gamma with the help of Modok, intending to capture the Hulk. The villain fills him with the Hulk’s energy, the cosmic rays that gave him his powers to the Fantastic Four, turning him into a mutant.

This possibility can be seen in this opportunity considering several factors. First is the fact that Harrison Ford is 80 years old, and for him to maintain the character for a long time is not very credible. The second is the presence of The Leader in the movie since this villain uses the Red Hulk in the comic to hurt and defeat Bruce Banner.


Edward Norton Incredible Hulk Image: Universal Studios

These two aspects could indicate that we will have the red gamma giant for the first time in the MCU. This transformation is temporary in the comic. After being defeated by Banner, he loses his powers and is imprisoned and paroled shortly after.

Whether temporary or permanent, the chances are high, considering Marvel is focusing on the Hulk. Not only did he appear in She-Hulk, but they also gave him an opening to other of the character’s sagas, such as Hulk: War of Worlds. We saw this with the arrival of Banner’s son on the scene in the Disney-mentioned series. 

For the time being, Marvel Studios didn’t confirm the appearance of this other gamma giant, but his arrival could open other doors to other productions. One of these is Hulk and The Agents of S.M.A.S.H, which was seen in comics and animated series. In this installment, the various Hulk team up to fight supervillains.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 


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