Vertigo Movie Remake With Robert Downey Jr. Starring in Progress
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Vertigo Movie Remake With Robert Downey Jr. Starring in Progress

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BY March 24, 2023

The 1958 film is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable productions, and Paramount is apparently trying to cash in on it. The studio will develop a Vertigo movie remake starring Robert Downey Jr, or at least he’s first in line.

The actor who played Iron Man in The Avengers will now portray John Ferguson as a former detective with a somewhat unique job. The new version will likely resemble this detective film’s original version strongly. However, it may have a few touches that set it apart.

Vertigo Remake: New Plans to Relaunch the Movie

Robert Downey Jr. Image: Marvel Studios

Paramount is planning the development of a Vertigo remake, once directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This was made possible with the major’s recent acquisition of the rights to the film. The filmmaker at the helm of this new version will be Steven Knight, the creator of the Netflix series Peaky Blinders.

The lead actor in this Vertigo movie remake will be Robert Downey Jr. The Iron Man actor will portray a former detective named John “Scottie” Ferguson, who a client asks to follow his wife. The reasons for this job are his erratic behavior, which will lead this character to a strange adventure.

In the original version of Vertigo, the detective pursues the woman but makes the mistake of becoming obsessed with her. This situation goes from bad to worse when the woman decides to take her own life by throwing herself from a tower of a Spanish convent. With his fears and anxieties, the detective was unable to save her, and that is where the strange begins to happen in his life.

One question many of us want to resolve is whether Robert Downey Jr. can play the role of this character, considering his past with Iron Man. It is likely yes, considering the previous saga in which he played the greatest detective in history, Sherlock Holmes. His excellent performance playing the English detective surely opened the doors to this Vertigo movie remake opportunity.

As for Paramount, it is reusing old movies to push its productions. First, we saw Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise, who will also be in the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, which began with the series in 1986. Now with, this new Vertigo movie remake, it makes one think that it is betting more on appealing old films.

Robert Downey Jr: A Decision to Make

Vertigo Movie Remake Image: Marvel Comics

In theory, Robert Downey Jr. would be the protagonist in this Vertigo movie remake, or at least for Paramount, it is so. Only one thing is missing: the actor agrees to play the former detective in this opportunity. The actor has not yet confirmed his participation as an actor, although he will do so as a producer. 

In fact, Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan, serve as producers through the organization they created, Team Downey. They are not the only ones, since John Davis and John Fox also contribute their grain of sand in this remastering with their company Davis Entertainment.

Downey Jr. is likely awaiting the release of his latest production, Oppenheimer. The studio will develop a Vertigo movie remake starring Robert Downey Jr. At least he’s first in line will star as Lewis Strauss in the film depicting the life of the astounding physicist and father of the atomic bomb. This film will be released on July 21, 2023.

Vertigo remake has no planned release date, considering it has yet to define a protagonist. So we will have to wait for Robert Downey Jr. to decide. However, director Steven Knight has already started writing the new script for this new version.

Featured Image Via Paramount Pictures 


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