Top Gun Paramount+ Huge Success On Opening Weekend
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Top Gun: Maverick Flies High At Paramount+ On Opening Weekend

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BY December 29, 2022

Top Gun: Maverick was the highest-grossing movie in 2022, grossing over $1.4 billion. It is so successful in cinema that it has two Golden Globe Award nominations. We have the best dramatic film and original song among the categories that opt for this award. Now Top Gun reaches another milestone, breaking records in its streaming platform Paramount+.

Its premiere was not only satisfactory but also broke several records within this streaming platform. The executives of this company expect that the views will continue to increase as time goes by.

Several executives are commenting on the sequel to the 1986 movie that starred Tom Cruise on both occasions. Although the first one had good results, the second surpassed it. It even surpassed other productions performing well on the company’s streaming platform. The reasons for this are the filming quality and the advertising campaign’s effectiveness. 

Top Gun: Maverick Breaks Record at Paramount +

Top Gun: Maverick Debut Image via Paramount Pictures

Paramount + executives commented that the movie Top Gun: Maverick swept the Paramount+ platform in its first weekend. The production starring Cruise debuted on December 22, and from then until the 25th of that month, it had an impressive viewing. It beat the record set by Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with 60% more audience. 

The number of views of this movie not only surpassed the filming of the Sega character by a wide margin. It also swept the 86 prequel of this saga with 400% more audience. Another saga that crushed that also starred Cruise himself was Mission Impossible, with audiences of over 140%.

The struggle Top Gun: Maverick faced was significant. Not only for those films that were successful in their respective releases. Also, because of other productions that Paramount included in its streaming system. Among these, we have the thriller Smile, and a romantic film by Sandra Bullock called The Lost City.

For some, the main reason for this production’s success is the promotion applied to Top Gun on the Paramount+ streaming platform. The cost of subscription and renewal has a 50% discount until the end of the year. For many, this would make it more attractive than other productions.

These comments lack sense, considering that all the mentioned productions are on this platform. However, there is no denying that the campaign circulating the film was effective and continues to bear fruit. This was also highlighted by several company executives who congratulated the work of the marketing department.

An Effective Paramount+ Advertising Campaign 

Paramount Plus - Stream Live TV, Movies, Originals, Sports, News, and more Image: Paramount+

For the president and CEO of Paramount Pictures, Brian Robbins, the success of Top Gun in Paramount+ is due to the marketing effort they put into it. He made some statements about this fact.

Robbins said, “The runaway success of this film across theatrical, digital and now in streaming is an undeniable proof demonstrating the power of Paramount’s multi-platform release strategy.”

The executive continued his statement, “Across all our 2022 titles, and now with Top Gun: Maverick, our studio has unlocked the value of variable windowing that streaming provides to augment a film’s overall success.”

Notably, ads for the film have been seen on search engines and social media. On Facebook and Instagram, especially this type of advertising is denoted. Not only offering the service of the streaming platform but Top Gun: Maverick can be enjoyed on it.

Top Gun: Maverick Image: Paramount

The marketing team is taking advantage of the fact that this production broke the box office this year for Top Gun: Maverick. Also, the reviews were quite favorable for the film starring Tom Cruise, all this to incentivize the use of their platform, which, if we add it to their 50% offer, is having quite a positive effect.

Executives are still betting on this movie, considering that network advertising is still online and received an outstanding score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes for Top Gun: Maverick. This makes us think that it will be at least until December 31. This is because it is the deadline to purchase the subscription with 50% of its value. It will likely continue to increase the number of views and more on these dates. 

Featured Image Via Paramount Pictures 



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