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Robert Downey Jr And Cillian Murphy On The Set Of Oppenheimer

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BY April 15, 2022

The Oppenheimer movie reunited two stars in what promises to be an out-of-this-world shoot. We’re talking about Robert Downey Jr and Cillian Murphy, spotted on set today. Both actors surprised the public, not only because they were together but also by how they looked.

Something that shocked the public today was the photos on the set of Oppenheimer filming. In them, both were shown with the costumes of their characters. The images appeared on the social networking site Twitter and were the day’s talk, with Downey Jr showing a rather peculiar appearance.

The photos show Downey Jr’s dyed hair, and makeup that makes him look older. Also, with a rather old outfit, which tells us that they were in the middle of filming. As we can see on Twitter, the production of this movie continues, and these two stars are in the middle of filming this production.

What Robert Downey Jr and Cillian Murphy Look Like for the Film

The images posted on the film set show both actors looking slightly peculiar. The costumes are undoubtedly from the ’40s, just when Oppenheimer created the atomic bomb and when the Second World War was underway. 

In Murphy’s case, his appearance was not significantly different from his usual look. Except for a very casual hairstyle, he didn’t have anything that stood out. In the case of Robert Downey Jr, it was different since he’s playing an older character.

Both actors have studied their characters in-depth and are prepared to represent them in the best way. They already have begun filming this great movie, which for many, promises thrills. We hope to see the first trailers soon to get a first look at the cast and performances. 

Oppenheimer Filming Continues

The movie’s filming is still in progress, as director Christopher Nolan, in charge of taking this production forward, made it known. He declared the film’s focus and what he wanted to create: “an epic thriller that thrusts the audience into the fast-paced paradox of an enigmatic man who had to risk destroying the world to save him.”

It is known that this movie is a biopic based on the scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer, who created the atomic bomb. The events take place during the second world war. Oppenheimer wants to convey the scientist’s perspective and how was the horror they lived in that time of war and chaos.

The production continues, and there’s still no information on when they will be releasing the first trailers. We also don’t know when they expect to finish the filming process. What is known is that they gathered a stellar cast to carry it out; we have to wait to see the results.

 As we can see, this production is bringing together the best stars of Hollywood so that you can enjoy a great movie. With two recognized actors, Robert Downey Jr and Cillian Murphy, already working on the set, we get our first taste of the characters’ looks. Neither the release date nor the first trailer is yet available, but the production team assures us that this film will be spectacular and terrifying. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you to see Oppenheimer? Leave your answer in the comments section

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