Upcoming Untitled Marvel Movies Release Dates Through 2023
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Disney Sets Upcoming Untitled Marvel Movies Release Dates Through 2023

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BY April 22, 2022

Disney reserved a slew of dates through 2023 for their properties, including five previously unannounced, untitled Marvel movies. The massive movie studio set dates for 24 films in 2020, 19 in 2023, and 21 in 2021 and 2022. Nearly every two weeks, they will be putting out a movie, which is a staggering fact alone. Still, with the acquisition of Fox’s movie and television production arms, these films run a gamut of different intellectual properties. There is the period drama written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck The Last Duel, and Ridley Scott will direct. These include the films in the Avatar franchise, as well as a number of Pixar films. Yet, the addition of five untitled Marvel movies to their schedule shows that Disney bet big on the House of Ideas.

Thus, the domineering superhero genre reduces to just two studios. Disney owns almost all of the Marvel Universe, while Warner Bros. owns all of the DC properties. Sony, of course, still retains a chunk of the Marvel Universe, specifically Spider-Man and his adjacent characters. They also signed with Valiant comics for five films, starting with Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot in 2020.

The third Spider-Man film is also a kind-of Disney film and debuts July 16, 2021. The new deal they signed to keep Spider-Man in the MCU includes one crossover movie and a solo film where Disney and Sony share financing (and the profits). With five upcoming untitled Marvel movies on the slate through 2023, it shows that Disney really doesn’t worry about superhero fatigue.

Release Dates for Untitled Marvel Movies Through 2023

Upcoming Untitled Marvel Movie Release Dates Expanding Universe Image via Disney+

When Kevin Feige announced Phase 4 of the MCU, he listed the release dates for Marvel movies through 2021. Later, at the D23 Fan Expo they announced the Black Panther sequel for May 6th, 2022. The studio “promoted” it from the original’s February release date, making it their late-Spring, early-Summer tentpole for Marvel. There were two untitled Marvel movies set for 2022, on February 18th and July 29th. The new date for Marvel will be October 7th.

Originally slated for a live-action Disney release, Joker may have made early October new benchmark for genre films. Especially ones like the Deadpool movies that diverge from the typical Marvel format. Disney basically ceded early October 2020 to Sony for Venom 2, directed by Andy Serkis, and an untitled Fox film takes that spot in 2021. If, the Marvel movie out-performs those two films, that could be the new spot for the fourth Marvel of the year.

They added untitled Marvel movies for every Fall through 2023, though no details on what these films will be. Marvel gets four dates: February 17th, May 5th, July 28th, and November 3rd, with an untitled Disney live-action film in that October 6th, weekend. What will be interesting is if Marvel and Disney end up switching those Fall dates.

What Could the Untitled Marvel Movies Be In 2022 and 2023?

While there hasn’t been any official announcements, we can make educated guesses about what these films might be. Kevin Feige teased properties that would be coming up. That means we’ll likely see them since he’s now responsible for all creative decisions at Marvel. Though, worth nothing, he did announce an Inhumans movie. Yet, when that production grew troubled, he shunted it over to Marvel Television and Jeph Loeb. It did not go well. In fact, it’s that whole experience that makes him think films like The Eternals will be a risk.

What We Know is Coming

Upcoming Untitled Marvel Movie Release Dates Black Panther Image via Marvel Studios

We know that Ant-Man 3 is on its way. That movie will most likely release on July 29th, 2022. There is also Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is barely in pre-production, because James Gunn is currently filming The Suicide Squad for Warner Bros. The previous films debuted in May and August, so it could go into the middle of the 2023 schedule somewhere.

There will be another Deadpool film, and Ryan Reynolds recently took to social media to show he was at Marvel Studios. It seems like the added October 7th date in 2022 would be a good place for Deadpool to go. It also gives them time to work on a script and settle how he will fit into the MCU while maintaining his R-rated persona. So that leaves two untitled Marvel Movies in 2022 and three in 2023. What could they be?

Captain Marvel will definitely get a sequel, but it’s not yet in production, still they would likely want to put her in the May or July 2023 dates. Also, both Brie Larson and Kevin Feige said they hoped to include the Kamala Khan character in the sequel. The Disney+ series will likely introduce Ms. Marvel, and Kevin Feige said the Disney+ characters will show up in the films. He also said that Mahershala Ali’s Blade will tie-in to the Moon Knight series, somehow. Still, since Ali’s already been cast, that solo film seems like the best guess for the February 2022 date. Whether Moon Knight will premiere before it or after is unknown.

What We Guess is Coming

Upcoming Untitled Marvel Movie Release Dates Fantastic Four Image via Marvel Entertainment

As for Fall 2022 and the three 2023 films that aren’t Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s anyone’s guess. It’s likely that the Fantastic Four will show up in late 2022 or early 2023. Also, if The Eternals is as big of a hit as Marvel hopes it would be, one of those untitled Marvel movies in 2023 could be its sequel. Yet, if that movie fails to land, it’s still far enough away that something from the Marvel roster could take its place. Given the character’s fate in Endgame it seems unlikely that Black Widow will get a sequel. That film seems more like a feather in Scarlett Johansson’s cap rather than an attempt by Marvel to give that character her own franchise. Still, it’s a comic book world so anything is possible.

There is a rumor that the next Avengers-type film will be comprised of all or mostly female heroes. Call A-Force in the comics, they might use a 2023 film (or the Fall 2022 date) to give a solo movie to one of those characters. We also should expect a film dealing with the MCU’s mutant problem. (That mutants are suddenly going to exist in the MCU, which could either be a big deal or simply shrugged off.) It’s possible that they could do both of those things with one film.

Let us know which characters you want in the untitled Marvel movies through 2023! Tell us in the comments below.

Featured image via Marvel Studios. Release dates via Deadline.


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