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Once thought of as funny books for children, comic books are both high-art and literature in their own right. We dive deep into the history, latest news, and analysis of this fantastic medium.

Who is Jane Foster?
Who is Jane Foster? The New Mjolnir Bearer

Find out in our post who is Jane Foster, the heroine of Thor: Love and Thunder, a Marvel Comics movie starring Natalie Portman soon. We tell you about the character’s origin, biography, powers and abilities, […]

June 7, 2022
DC Comics
DC Pride 2022 – Empowering Superheroes Come Back

DC Pride 2022 has appeared with a blast. DC Comics just tweeted that Dreamer would get an original graphic novel. It comes from none other than Nicole Maines and Rye Hickman. The word is out! […]

June 2, 2022
STAR WARS: YODA #1 Releases This Fall 2022—Yoda’s History Revealed

We know the Jedi life and story of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Rey Skywalker. Now, Marvel Comics has announced the very first issue of STAR WARS: YODA, which will premiere in October 2022.  We all know Yoda […]

June 2, 2022
X-Men Hellfire Gala cover
X-Men Hellfire Gala – It Moves To Krakoa

The 2nd Annual X-Men Hellfire Gala moves to Krakoa. This marks the second evening filled with glamor. And, most important, it brings special guests you might not expect. The 2nd Annual #XMenHellfireGala invites you to […]

June 1, 2022
New Marvel Thunderbolts Aims For Redemption—New Official Roster Revealed

The Marvel Thunderbolts is set to return with the duo of writer Jim Zub and artist Sean Izaakse. The incredible partnership between Zub and Izaaksa sets out the return of the superhero team with THUNDERBOLTS […]

May 28, 2022
alien series
Alien Series Coming in Summer 2022

Since Disney acquired a bunch of new companies, there’s been no word of a new Alien series. However, it appears that the wait is finally over! In 2020, Disney bought 20th Century Fox, which gave […]

May 21, 2022
black adam reshoots
Dwayne Johnson Shares Behind-The-Scenes Clip of Black Adam Reshoots

In case you missed it, Black Adam reshoots are ongoing for the DC’s feature film. Not so long ago, the news came out about Warner Bros. pushing back Black Adam‘s release date to October. With […]

May 21, 2022
May 17th DC Comics
DC Comics
May 17th DC Comics: Batman and Superman, Robin and Wonder Woman

On May 17th DC Comics brings us a total of 11 new titles. We will have amazing stories to continue deepening our favorite characters among them. Today, we will talk about three of them to […]

May 17, 2022
Who is Wong in Marvel Comics?

In Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness, we’ve seen more of Wong. But, the Wong in MCU is far different from the Wong in Marvel comics. While Wong in MCU is the current Sorcerer Supreme, […]

May 15, 2022
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