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Once thought of as funny books for children, comic books are both high-art and literature in their own right. We dive deep into the history, latest news, and analysis of this fantastic medium.

MarvelMoviesPop Culture
Deadpool And Korg Reaction Video Shows First MCU Crossover With The Anti-Hero

Even though Deadpool is technically a Marvel character, he was under Fox’s umbrella, meaning that he was not part of the MCU (the X-Men characters and Spider-Man also fall into this category). However, when Disney […]

July 14, 2021
DC Comics Zombies And Vampires Series Coming This October

Since the DCeased franchise was such a hit, DC Comics is going back to the pool of the undead…or unDeadpool? Wait, wrong company. At any rate, who doesn’t love seeing DC Comics superheroes fighting zombies […]

July 13, 2021
MarvelTV Shows
Marvel’s What If…? Trailer 2 Continues To Expand The MCU

It’s human nature to want to ponder how things could go in life. What if I chose pepperoni pizza instead of veggie pizza? What if I chose to wear red instead of purple? Next month, […]

July 13, 2021
Black Widow Movie Ending Fills In One Plot Hole, Opens Another

There is a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that always bugged me. After retrieving the Cross of Coronado from the White Hat Man on a ship in the middle of the sea, […]

July 10, 2021
A Cyberpunk Comic Book That Is Too Awesome For Words

There are a lot of comic book projects on Kickstarter, and we’ve featured a few at Comic Years, such as Stan Lee’s Backchannel Kickstarter. Every so often, we come across one that we just have […]

July 10, 2021
The United States of Captain America #1 is a Wonderful Start to a New Cap Era

As Steve Rogers himself notes in The United States of Captain America #1, he – or, more importantly, his symbol – inspires millions of people. Unfortunately, and Cap knows this too; he can’t control what […]

July 9, 2021
COMICSMoviesPop Culture
Marvel Studios And DC Films Decide To Skip SDCC@Home

We’re getting another year of virtual San Diego Comic-Con in 2021. That means fans from all over the world will get the opportunity to get in on the fun. With any virtual convention, there will […]

July 9, 2021
MarvelTV Shows
Penultimate Loki Episode Takes Us On A Journey Into Mystery And Into The Endgame

Why an Alligator Loki? Easy. Because he’s green. As for the other Loki variants our Loki met at the end of The Nexus Event, their stories are both unique and share common elements. The central […]

July 7, 2021
Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #5 Review

It’s been awhile! Last time we checked in on IDW’s The High Republic Adventures was back in May. A bit of a longer period between releases didn’t impact the story’s momentum. As soon as I picked […]

July 7, 2021