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Once thought of as funny books for children, comic books are both high-art and literature in their own right. We dive deep into the history, latest news, and analysis of this fantastic medium.

MCU’s Spider-Man 3 Set Photos Reveal Christmas Setting And A Lot More

After a year of delays, the third Spider-Man film is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia. Marvel Studios is notoriously protective of its secrets, but thanks to the necessity of location shooting we’ve gotten some idea […]

January 18, 2021
DC ComicsTV Shows
No CW Crossover Event For DC Series In 2021 Due To COVID-19 Restrictions

We just saw our first episode with the new Batwoman, and the larger world of DC heroes on the CW played a big role. A key element of the episode was the shard of kryptonite […]

January 18, 2021
DC ComicsMoviesPodcast
The Comic Years Podcast: Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler Discussion

Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler discussion is the topic of the this episode of the Split Screen Podcast as we analyze the varied reactions.

January 18, 2021
DC ComicsReviewsTV Shows
Kate Kane Looms Large Over Impressive First Episode With New Batwoman

The season 2 premiere of Batwoman debuted Sunday night, and there are two things about it that are true. The first is that there was really no great way to handle the Ruby Rose Batwoman […]

January 18, 2021
Next Batman Mini-Series Coming From DC After Future State

Tim Fox debuted as the Next Batman less than a month ago, but he’s already proving to be a popular character. In fact, he’s so popular that DC Comics has already announced a new Next […]

January 17, 2021
New Mighty Valkyries Series Looks Beautiful Already

Since War of the Realms, Jane Foster has been the only Valkyrie left. That all changed with King in Black: Return of the Valkyries #1. Not only did we meet one of the original Valkyries, […]

January 17, 2021
Damian Wayne Robin Ongoing Series Coming This April

Everyone has their favorite Robin (Tim Drake stan here). However, there’s no denying that Damian Wayne is one of the most liked and most interesting. Yet, though he’s had a mini-series here and there, he’s […]

January 15, 2021
King in Black Week Six is Full of Grim, Dark Goodies

Well, we’re in Week Six of King in Black, which is actually less than halfway through. However, things are ramping up. However, for the first time, we have a substantial number of tie-ins. And for […]

January 14, 2021
Report: Chris Evans In Talks To Return To MCU As Captain America

In the world of comic book movies, never say “never.” After the release of Avengers: Endgame, the original six Avengers seemed poised to bow out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yet, comic book fans have […]

January 14, 2021