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The Amazing Bulk Movie: Anger Management

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BY October 16, 2020

Mockbusters are a dime a dozen, but it takes real chutzpah to make a mockbuster of an iconic character. Nevertheless, that’s what the makers of the 2012 Amazing Bulk movie did. Did they make chicken soup or chicken something else?

The Amazing Bulk Movie: What’s All This, Then?

Henry “Hank” Howard (Jordan Lawson) is a scientist working for the government. General Darwin (Terence Lording)-ha-wants him to make a super-serum. Despite the work that Hank is doing for him, though, Darwin doesn’t approve of Hank dating Darwin’s daughter, Hannah (Shevaun Kastl). As Hank wants to prove himself to Darwin, he decides to test the serum on himself.

Later that night, Hank’s on a date with Hannah when they’re accosted by a mugger, who steals the engagement ring with which Hank was planning to propose. He tries to fend off the mugger, but is unsuccessful. When he sees the mugger attack another person–this time a woman whom the mugger kills–Hank is enraged and transforms into the Amazing Bulk. He kills the mugger, leaving behind traces of purple blood and his wallet. When two detectives, Ray Garton (Jed Rowen) and Lisa Tuttle (Deirdre V. Lyons), question him, Garton notices the telltale purple stain on Hank.

After that, Hank can’t take the confrontation and transforms again into the Bulk. He has a city-destroying tantrum until Darwin contacts him for help. If Hank can defeat the supervillain Dr. Werner von Kantlove (Randal Malone), before he succeeds in blowing up the moon, then Darwin will approve his marriage to Hannah. Bulky shenanigans ensue.

The Amazing Minds Behind This Bulk

Lewis Schoenbrun directed The Amazing Bulk movie, his fifth movie not including his first, a short. However, Schoenbrun works primarily as an editor to this day. He also edited this movie. Keith Schaffner and Jeremiah Campbell cowrote the flick. This was the last movie Schaffner wrote after Axegrinder, Demonoids, and Queen Cobra; he has apparently since left the industry. Campbell also appears to have taken a break from writing. His last credited work was Vampire Boys 2: The New Brood, a sequel to Vampire Boys, a movie he also wrote. It came out in 2013, a year after The Amazing Bulk.

As for the actors, Jordan Lawson has kept up a steady stream of work since his starring role in this movie. For example, he’s appeared on a number of Investigation Discovery shows, like Unusual Suspects, Murder Book, The Perfect Murder, and Twisted Sisters. He is also the bass player for the pop punk band Rocket.

Shevaun Kastl, who’s appeared on such TV shows as Criminal Minds and Revenge, also continues to act. In addition, she’s begun writing and producing her own work.

What the Audience Says about The Amazing Bulk Movie

Unfortunately, audiences haven’t exactly given The Amazing Bulk glowing reviews. One of the main reasons is that the film was shot on a green screen. Almost none of the sets are real. That gives the movie as a whole a cartoonish look, especially with the effects. When people travel in cars, for instance, the cars are animated, rather than being real. And when people run onscreen, they’re forced to run in place. However, the movie makers seem to lean into the “so bad it’s good” aspect, as the DVD cover quotes a critic who compares the movie to notorious stinker The Room.

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