Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer: A Journey In Full Swing
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Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer: A Journey In Full Swing

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BY February 19, 2023

We have just enjoyed the Super Mario Bros movie trailer. This is one of the most awaited movies by fans. It also has the attention of this franchise’s huge group of acolyte gamers. The first trailer of the film showed some positive and negative details.

Super Mario Bros released several trailers that showed the first short scenes that the movie had. This one has seven minutes less than its similar Sonic the Hedgehog. For now we will see the actions in the Mushroom world and it will show us how it is to live in this fantasy world.

Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer The Nintendo University in all its Splendor

First Mario movie trailer Image: Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros movie trailer has been released. The premiere is getting closer, and many are waiting to see the game they enjoyed on the game console in real life. For Nintendo, it would be a kind of vindication. If we remember, the movie developed in the 90’s and it was a total failure.

A detail of the movie is that it will have a shorter duration than Sonic the Hedgehog, more specifically seven minutes less. In this one, we will see how life is in the Mushroom City. We can see this environment as an updated city and not something outdoors as in the game.

In the Super Mario Bros movie trailer we also see that Princess Peach is a more self-confident character, being the leader of all her people. On the contrary, Mario is a rather introverted person, who is in love with the princess but does not know how to say it.

In that we will see how the usual villain, Bowser, kidnaps the princess and it will be Mario’s task to rescue her, finding the usual tools such as the cape, the flower, the star and the mushroom.

Other Details of the Nintendo Movie

The first thing we will see is that this production will hit theaters on April 7 this year 2023, as we saw in the Super Mario Bros movie trailer. The production will feature iconic characters from this old franchise such as Donkey Kong. They will also mention several games like Mario Kart or Mario Party. In fact in one scene we see how Mario loses on several occasions in these types of games.

In the Super Mario Bros movie trailer, we also saw how Bowser captures Luigi, due to a prophecy. According to this prophecy, the brother of a plumber, who was also a plumber, would help rescue the princess and the Mushroom Kingdom.

One point that was focused on was the voice of Chris Pratt, the actor who plays the role of Mario. This was because his voice is English, and many wanted him to have the Italian touch that people look for in this kind of character.

As for the cast we have that the film will star Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Jack Black, among other actors. 

Featured Image Via Nintendo 


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