Shriek Venom 2 Casting News All But Confirms Carnage
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Time To Scream: Shriek Venom 2 Casting News All But Confirms Carnage

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BY February 22, 2021

Principal photography has yet to begin on Venom 2, but we already have news on another new character. Well, not a new character, exactly, but a character new to the film franchise. The character Shriek–no, not Shrek–will be joining Venom 2. Here’s what you can expect.

Who Is Shriek In The World Of Venom 2?

Shriek Venom 2 Image via Marvel

Shriek is the alter-ego of a character who sometimes goes by Frances Louise Barrison and sometimes by Sandra Deel. (As is typical in the world of comics, her identity was a bit nebulous until it wasn’t. It is currently established that her birth name is Frances and Sandra is her alias. That, of course, can always change.) After a rough childhood, Barrison fell into drug-dealing, which led to a confrontation with a police officer, who shot her in the head. After exposure to the Darkforce, Barrison’s mutant powers activated. You know–that old chestnut.

While a patient at Ravenscroft, the mental hospital, she met Cletus Kasady, alias Carnage. He was breaking out and took her with him. Then they went on a killing spree together. Again, a classic tale. This storyline began in Spider-Man Unlimited No. 1 in 1993, the beginning of the “Maximum Carnage” crossover. Since then, Shriek has appeared in a variety of other storylines, including straight Spider-Man stories and other series, like Marvel Zombies.

But you (usually) can’t beat the original. As such, as the news broke today, sellers listed multiple copies of Spider-Man Unlimited No. 1 on eBay, obviously hoping for a big rush.

Everything Else We Know About The Next Venom

Shriek Venom 2 Image via Sony Pictures

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, now that we know that Shriek is in, it seems inevitable that Carnage will return, too. If you’ll recall, Woody Harrelson made a cameo as Kasady in the Venom credits, seemingly hinting that Carnage would be Venom’s next foe (Maybe we’ll see in Venom 2 by director Andy Serkis?). And although they have a big name for Carnage, the Shriek role may go to an unknown. A source told Deadline, for instance, that “…the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses,” including relative newcomers.

As we previously reported, both Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are returning for the sequel, as is the screenwriter, Kelly Marcel. Andy Serkis, of course, is directing the next film, which is slated for an October 2, 2020 release.

Are you excited about Shriek joining the Venom universe (the Venomiverse?)? Let us know in the comments below or come get symbiotic with us on social media!


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