Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 New Look In New Set Images
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Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 Fresh Look with No Scars And A Man Bun In New Set Images

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BY January 23, 2024

New images and videos from the set of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 show an alternate version of Wade Wilson. The character played by Ryan Reynolds will offer different looks than the original.

Photos and videos from the set of Deadpool 3 have surfaced showing Ryan Reynolds playing a variant of Wade Wilson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, the film’s cast includes Reynolds reprising his role from the Merc With a Mouth, Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine. He will also return in the iconic yellow and blue X-Men costume. If that wasn’t enough, there will be more Deadpool characters from Fox and rumored cameos from X-Men actors. Among the many characters, Reynolds appears to be taking on multiple roles.

TheAnalystOne shared images and footage via Daily Mail. This offers a sneak peek at what appears to be a samurai variant of Deadpool in Deadpool 3.

In the recently leaked Deadpool 3 photos and video, Ryan Reynolds can be seen with long hair, donning an alternative Deadpool costume that gives off a samurai-inspired appearance. Alongside him are Hugh Jackman in Wolverine’s iconic outfit, a Deadpool variant known as Dogpool, and a stand-in representing the main Deadpool character. The footage captures the samurai-inspired Wade Wilson, played by Reynolds, engaged in a scene on the set of Deadpool 3.

Which Variations of Ryan Reynols Deadpool Might Make an Appearance in Deadpool 3?

The Samurai Deadpool isn’t the only variant appearing in Deadpool 3. In November last year, Reynolds shared an image of Dogpool wearing a canine version of Deadpool’s classic red and black costume. In the comics, Dogpool is a variant of Wade Wilson with an important role in a multiverse storyline. For this reason, it possibly influences Dogpool’s role in Deadpool 3.

As of now, we can expect at least three Deadpool variants in the character’s MCU debut: the main Wade Wilson, Samurai Deadpool, and Dogpool. However, the lineup may not stop there. There have been persistent rumors about including Lady Deadpool in Deadpool 3. There has been no official confirmation about her appearance. However, speculation suggests that Blake Lively, Reynolds’ wife and star of Gossip Girl, may take on the role of Lady Deadpool in the film.

Lady Deadpool, a comic book character, is part of a multiversal team along with Dogpool. In the comics, this team is known as Deadpool Corps and comprises various versions of the Merc With a Mouth. However, there are rumors of the film’s possible introduction of the Deadpool Corps. this is due to the confirmation of Dogpool’s appearance and the ongoing rumors surrounding Lady Deadpool and Kidpool. Walker Scobell addressing his rumored casting as Kidpool in Deadpool 3. With the film’s multiverse theme, Deadpool 3 offers an ideal opportunity for the live-action debut of this eclectic team-up.

Via Daily Mail (via TheAnalystOne/Twitter)



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