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No Time To Die Spoiler Leaked? Maybe.

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BY March 1, 2021

After filming delays and chatter about issues on set and then release delays, James Bond still isn’t safe. However, it isn’t secret organizations or whomever else he fights–I’m still on movie 2–that he’s facing. Instead, it’s internet gossip. Because apparently, a pretty big No Time to Die spoiler rather unceremoniously made its internet debut.

Salomé, How Did This Happen?

Last week, on June 2, someone in Old Blighty posted an auction on eBay. Up for sale: 4 pages of call sheets for the production of No Time to Die. (In case you didn’t know, call sheets are like daily schedules for films. They list what scenes they’ll be filming each day, along with other business.)

Sharp-eyed fans and memorabilia hunters noticed a curious detail, though. (GO NO FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN UNSPOILED.)

No Time to Die But Time For No Time to Die Spoilers

no time to die spoiler image via MGM

Some of the scenes they’d be filming involved a character named Mathilde. Closer inspection reveals that she’s obviously a child. I mean, unless Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) “is going to tell…a story” to an adult character. And that could be a possibility, except that there’s also a note that the actress playing Mathilde’s double is six years old. (Lisa-Dorah Sonnet is playing Mathilde, according to the call sheet.) And there were paparazzi photos that captured Seydoux and director Cary Joji Fukunaga on location with a little girl who could very well be the mysterious Mathilde.

So who is Mathilde? Well, No Time to Die takes place ’round about five years after Spectre. If you’ll remember, Bond ended that film by driving off into the sunset with Madeleine (or so I’ve read). And Mathilde’s double is six years old, so *cut to me, wildly gesturing*

Get it? If not, let me quote what the world’s worst paper said a source told them, “Yes, it’s true. Bond is a dad. Daniel wanted to make this Bond film the most surprising and entertaining yet. Daniel is older and his Bond is maturing and looking at life through the prism of fatherhood. But there’s a lot more to it than that.”

I sure hope so.

What This Will Mean For James Bond

I mean, I don’t really know. Again, I’ve only seen two Bond films (check out my Dr. No retro review). However, as James Bond is the quintessential bachelor, it’s easy to picture the drama that could ensue from his being a dad. And I mean that. Picture it: James Bond rolling up to a football pitch in an Aston Martin with a booster seat. It’s his turn to bring the orange slices.

Brilliant, no?

No Time to Die is due to crash into theaters November 25. What do you think about the spoiler? Are you looking forward to seeing Bond’s next outing? Tell us here or on social media.

featured image via MGM


Salomé Gonstad is a freelance writer who grew up in the swampy wilds of south Alabama. When she's not yelling about pop culture on the internet, she's working on a supernatural thriller about her hometown. Also, we're pretty sure she's a werewolf. Email her at [email protected]


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