Kit Harington to Reunite with Richard Madden in ‘Eternals’
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Kit Harington to Reunite with Richard Madden in ‘Eternals’

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BY October 3, 2019

As the chief of the Eternals desk here, I thought Angelina Jolie joining the MCU would be the most exciting casting news. Well, I was wrong. (It happens.) This past weekend at D23, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced some cast additions. Not only is Gemma Chan now confirmed, but also Kit Harington will be joining. That’s right–we’ve got ourselves a Game of Thrones reunion.

Who Will Kit Harington Play in the ‘The Eternals’?

First, Feige revealed that Chan will be playing Sersi. Who’s that? Well, Sersi is an Eternal with roots in ancient Greece. At times, she’s been an Avenger and a member of the God Squad. (Sure.) Most importantly, for the plot of Eternals, she’s been a love interest for the Black Knight.

That’s important, because Feige also divulged Harington’s role, Dane Whitman. And Dane Whitman is–hold your applause–the third Black Knight, a non-Eternal. A descendant of the original Black Knight, Whitman is one of the good guys. As such, he’s been an Avenger like Sersi, as well as a Defender and a Hero for Hire.

In his capacity as an Avenger, Whitman met Sersi and they developed a relationship. Although they’ve been through some bumps, like being separated by time and space, it’s unknown how much of their comic book biography will leak into the movie. What we do know, again, is that Kit Harington and Richard Madden will be reunited.

While Harington did not appear at D23, Madden did, along with other members of the cast. That included Barry Keoghan, who was also confirmed (as the Eternal Druid). Feige also announced other roles, including that Jolie will take on the role of Thena, another Eternal from ancient Greece. In addition, Salma Hayek will be a female version of canonically male Ajak, while Kumail Nanjiani will be Kingo and Brian Tyree Henry will be Phastos. Lauren Ridloff, whom you might know from The Walking Dead, will appear as Makkari. Finally, Don Lee will menace them all as villain Gilgamesh. As I’ve mentioned before, the Eternals will debut in November of next year.


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