Batman Film Reboot Gets Concerning Development Update
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Director Shares Concerning Development Update For Batman’s Reboot Film

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BY March 24, 2024

Following James Gunn’s announcement in 2023, the highly anticipated Batman film reboot, The Brave and The Bold, has encountered a troubling development.

In January 2023, during the DC Studios slate announcement, co-President James Gunn revealed plans for The Brave and The Bold, a Batman narrative centering on Bruce’s son, Damian Wayne.

Drawing from Grant Morrison’s comics, numerous fans eagerly anticipated seeing the Bat-Family in live-action. Excitement heightened further with the announcement of director Andy Muschietti’s involvement in June 2023. Nonetheless, there have been scant updates since then, and the delay of Matt Reeves’ Elseworlds film, The Batman: Part II, by a year will undoubtedly raise concerns among DC fans regarding the studio’s cinematic schedule.

Update on Batman Film Reboot Development Causes Concern

A recent article from The Hollywood Reporter highlighted Andy and Barbara Muschietti, revealing that the filmmaking duo has not yet finalized their next project.

This development indicates that director Andy Muschietti may not be focusing on the Batman film reboot immediately. This news raises concerns among fans eagerly anticipating the development and production of the DCU’s inaugural Batman reboot film.

Following the announcement in June 2023, the project was initially scheduled for full focus. However, the possibility that it may not be Muschietti’s immediate assignment suggests a delay in the start of filming.

It should be noted that The Brave and the Bold never had an assigned release date. In addition, few DC Studios films have an assigned director. Only Superman (directed by James Gunn) and Swamp Thing (directed by James Mangold) have confirmed directors within DC’s upcoming schedule.

This may not come as a surprise to some fans. Furthermore, Gunn revealed in November 2023 that new Batman film reboot lacked a script then.

In contrast, progress is evident with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. The script is finished and the lead actress has already been cast.

Fans await updates from Gunn and co-President Peter Safran regarding the timelines for these announced projects. However, it seems evident that The Brave and The Bold is still far from hitting theaters.

When Will The Brave and The Bold Release?

DC fans who are eagerly awaiting the reboot of the universe. This one will kick off with Creature Command and Superman, but they will have to arm themselves with patience for news on other projects. The Brave and the Bold, and the supposed Teen Titans movie are on the horizon. However, director Andy Muschietti’s involvement in the former remains uncertain due to his current state of preparation.

At the moment, the sequel to The Batman will not be released until October 2026. Furthermore, the next Batman reboot will likely not hit theaters until 2027 at the earliest. The delay is due to the prolonged development of The Batman: Part II, which was already fully cast and crewed before being stalled by the 2023 Hollywood strikes.

All major studios will rush to film and distribute long-planned content during this recovery period. For this reason, progress on The Brave and The Bold will be further delayed. Another factor that DC Studios must contend with is simultaneously developing two separate Batman films. Although Gunn has stated that the DCU’s Batman film could be released before the conclusion of Matt Reeves’ trilogy, potential audience confusion should be considered.

Warner Bros. may decide that the two films should not be released close to each other to prevent the character’s popularity from oversaturating. The Brave and The Bold, directed by Andy Muschietti, does not have a set release date.

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