Andy Muschietti The Flash Director Could Direct New Batman Film
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Andy Muschietti, The Flash Director Could Lead Batman: The Brave And The Bold

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BY June 6, 2023

The Flash is on track to be one of the most important films of the DCEU at the hands of Andy Muschietti. The director was able to take over as leader, making changes to this production, creating high expectations and even high marks from James Gunn, who commented that it was “one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen.”.

Rumors indicate that Muschietti could direct another film in this comic book universe, but in the new story that Peter Gunn and James Safran will show. At the moment, Warner has not confirmed anything about it. However, the filmmaker would be a great candidate after the great work in The Flash.

Andy Muschietti Could Direct Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Andy Muschetti Image: Josh K. Elliott

According to rumors circulating on the internet, The Flash director Andy Muschietti could be the new director of one of the first movies of the new DC version of Gunn and Safran’s film. This would be Batman: The Brave, and the Bold within their Gods and Monsters phase. This film would bring a new actor for the Bat and his son Damian’s first big screen appearance as Robin.

For many, it makes sense that Andy Muschietti will direct this version of Batman, considering the quality of the film he did on The Flash. This was a fact that even Gunn himself praised at the time. 

The direction of this film caused much controversy on social media. This started due to the rumor that Ben Affleck would be the director of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Gunn had previously stated that the director would not be the leader of this production, which caused a fan to lash out against the DC Studios executive on his Twitter account. In the conversation, the fan wrote the following:

“Didn’t Gunn say in a previous interview that Affleck’s not directing Brave and the Bold? I get that Gunn is something of a professional liar, but still.”

Gunn would answer this with the following comment: “For years it’s been my commitment to the fans that I will never lie to them… and I never have. I’d be very curious about what it is you think I’ve lied about.”.

The fan would later point out that Gunn lied about directing a Superman movie and being a DC executive. The filmmaker responded that he only agreed to direct DC because he would be directing with Safran and could focus on the creative process. About Superman, he clarified that he turned it down and was hired to lead the Suicide Squad (2021).

The Flash Director Will Lead Batman: The Brave and the Bold?

James Gunn Twitter Spat Image via Screengrab

Andy Muschietti indeed has experience with the Bat, thanks to The Flash. In this film, we will see two versions of this character, Ben Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s. However, the studio did not give its final decision on who will be the guide of this new production.

In any case, some facts could indicate that he would be the director chosen for this film. One is the filmmaker’s conversation with journalist Josh K. Elliott. In this interview, the latter asked him how the new version of Batman would in Gods and Monsters. The answer was that it was not the time to talk about it.

In a later post, Josh K. Elliott commented that the answers that The Flash director Andy Muschietti’s answers were interesting when he asked him if he would be the director of Batman: The Brave and the Bold

This could indicate that he would indeed be the director of this production, although they won’t make it official until the time is right.

Featured Image Via Twitter Josh K. Elliott 


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