Teen Titans Comic Has Huge Character Shake-Up
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Teen Titans Comic Has Huge Character Shake-Up

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BY October 5, 2022

The Teen Titans comic might be getting close to the end, but that didn’t stop DC Comics from including a surprise twist. You should be careful if you haven’t read the latest edition of the series or you’re not looking for spoilers. There are plenty of them ahead!

Currently, theTeen Titans comic series features a wide number of different young superheroes and superheroines. This has all been courtesy of D.C. comics, as well as Tim Sheridan, Peter Pantazis, Tom Derenick, and Rob Leigh. The comic includes many young heroes, including some new faces and some more familiar ones. This ended up in a dramatic fight where the storylines crossed.

Previously, the Future State storyline from 2021 teased that there were going to be some changes coming in the future. Some of these changes were going to take a turn for the worse. So, it appears that the preview for issue #14 of the Teen Titans comic series is going to do just that. The next issue of the Teen Titans comic will feature the ‘departure’ of at least two people from the team.

The Latest Changes for the Teen Titans Academy Comic

Teen Titans Comic Image: DC Comics

To start with, the teens of the Teen Titans Academy are celebrating their first-ever graduation ceremony. Naturally, this is a very happy time for almost everyone involved. Raven keeps her eye on Cyborg and Beast Boy because they are unable to be at the celebrations.

Of course, many fans had questions about this particular storyline. So, later, the writers revealed that Cyborg and Beast Boy became one element for protection. This surprise revelation comes as a result of the battle of Titans Tower, which ultimately got destroyed. As you might imagine, the duo does not see eye-to-eye on the practicalities of sharing a body!

This will have wide-reaching effects and will work to canonize parts of the Future State storyline. In the original storyline of the Teen Titans comic, Beast Boy and Cyborg became one. They named themselves “Cybeast,” and they worked together for quite some time. So, we can probably expect other elements of the Future State storyline to come true as well.

The Reasons for the Switch-Up

Teen Titans Comic Image: DC Comics

Naturally, you might find yourself asking what the purpose of such a change could be. Apparently, the editor Mike Cotton really “wanted to have a merged version of Beast Boy and Cyborg.” Write Tom Sheridan immediately agreed with this idea and worked hard to include the storyline in the Teen Titans comic series.

Additionally, this drastic change in character also helps “to explore the dynamic of the relationship between Vic and Gar,” according to Sheridan. After all, there’re only so many things you can do when you’re joined with your best friend!

Sheridan has also teased that there will be quite a few more surprises as a result of them joining together. He has previously mentioned that there’s “a lot more story we have to explore.” Sheridan also spoke about how much fun he has had bringing this twist to life. Honestly, we can’t blame him!

The Future State & Teen Titans Academy Comic

Teen Titans Comic Image: DC Comics

The Future State storyline was part of DC comics to bring a shake-up of their comic book series. Naturally, this included the Teen Titans comicstoo. DC aimed to bring a more diverse set of heroes to the characters that we know and love. This included various changes to the Justice League superheroes and Teen Titans.

It appears that the newest Teen Titans comic will form just a part of these changes. Based on the crazy things that we’ve seen in the Future State storyline, we can definitely expect plenty more. The next issue of the Teen Titans comic is in stores now.

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