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Sims 4 Leak Reveals Some Horsing Around

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BY June 7, 2023

Well, Sim-mer down, folks! Have we got some juicy news for you? Rumors about the Sims 4 leak are flying around faster than a Sim on fire after a failed cooking attempt. Apparently, a new Sims 4 expansion pack is trotting our way. Yes, you heard it right! Horse Ranch might be the next addition to our beloved Sim universe.

So, here’s the scoop. A rather sneaky listing has popped up on CDKeys. They’ve boldly titled it “The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Expansion PC – DLC”. Now, let’s be real. CDKeys doesn’t usually spill the beans like this until EA gives them the official green light. And that’s why this Sims 4 leak is causing such a stir!

Naturally, the pack is currently out of stock because, well, it doesn’t exist yet! However, they’re playing it coy with a ‘release date to be announced’ tag. So, if your Sim-loving heart is beating out of your chest, fret not! You can sign up for a neat little email notification from CDKeys. Just click the “Notify me” button when the expansion pack gallops into the digital marketplace.

Now, let’s talk price. Given that the Horse Ranch is likely a full expansion, we reckon you’ll be looking at the standard $39.99/£34.99 price tag. You can even see that in the below screenshot of the Sims 4 leak. But hey, that’s just pocket change for the hours of equestrian fun you’ll get in return!

Beyond the galloping goodness of horses, we’re all wondering about additional content. What else is going to grace our screens with this Sims 4 leak? All we can do is sit tight and hope that EA spills the beans soon!

What is the Sims 4 leak?

Sims 4 Leak Image: CDKeys

Of course, this isn’t the first time horses have entered our Sims’ lives. Cast your mind back to The Sims 3: Pets expansion pack. That’s where these four-legged friends first trotted onto the scene. And boy, did they make a splash! Horses have become integral parts of our Sims’ lives, and we can’t wait to see them return in the Sims 4.

Previously, in The Sims 3: Pets, horses weren’t just pretty window dressing. Oh no, they became a fully interactive, playable part of the Sim universe. And you didn’t just have the option of owning a horse for your Sims. You could truly become a horse with a Sims 3 horse as a controllable character. Now that’s what we call neigh-borhood immersion!

Riders, rejoice! Horse training and riding were also part of the fun. Simmers could have their characters saddle up and learn all the ins and outs of horseback riding. From casual trail rides to competitive equestrian events, it was all there. The detail was impressive, with different breeds and personalities making each horse a unique addition to your Sims’ family. Who knows if they’ll do the same in this Sims 4 leak, Horse Ranch.

There were also horse relationships to consider. Sure, Sim-to-Sim relationships have always been at the heart of the game, but The Sims 3: Pets introduced the concept of cross-species friendships. Remember the joy of seeing your Sim build a bond with their horse? Priceless!

New Sims Expansion pack

Sims 4 Leak Image: IGN

In case you’re new around here, any Sims 4 leak news about expansion packs is kind of a big deal. They take our favorite virtual sandbox and sprinkle in fresh, fun content. In the past, they’ve introduced everything from spellcasting witches to city living. With every pack, our Sims’ lives become richer, more diverse, and, let’s face it, more chaotic!

There you have it, folks! This Sims 4 leak has got us all in a tizzy, anticipating the return of horses to our Sims’ lives. But remember, nothing is official until EA says so. So, while we’re all excited about the potential for a Horse Ranch expansion pack, let’s wait for the official word. In the meantime, keep your Sims cooking skill high and their fire alarms closer! And don’t forget to hit “Notify me” on CDKeys, so you don’t miss out on this potential barnstormer of an expansion pack!


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