Ring Fit Adventure is the Latest Fitness Game for Nintendo Switch

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BY September 13, 2019

When Wii Fit came out, people wondered who would actually use it. As it turned out, a lot of people enjoyed playing games while they did mild exercise. The game’s sequel even made its way to the Wii U. The appeal of a game like Wii Fit is the ability to engage with the workout. A lot of people who don’t enjoy working out say that the activity is too mindless, or maybe not all that fun. Nintendo proved a lot of people wrong. Can they do it again with Ring Fit Adventure?

What is Ring Fit Adventure?

Image Credit: Nintendo

Ring Fit Adventure is an elaborate game being marketed as an adventure title. Nevertheless, its goal is just as much about leveling up as it is personal fitness. The game features two new controllers. The Ring-Con, a small ring shaped controller, holds one Joy-Con. The other Joy-Con sits in the new Leg Strap, allowing for tracking of your lower body.

In a new announcement for Ring Fit Adventure, the controllers are seen to work together to show your movements on the screen. The Ring-Con is dynamic, responding to pressure as if it were a workout tool. You can push it in, pull it to extend your arms, and use it to jump in the game. The Leg Strap seems much more standard and straightforward.

Is Ring Fit Adventure A Workout or Adventure Title?

They make it clear in Ring Fit Adventure that it’s not simply a fitness game. In a lot of ways, that might immediately make some feel like they don’t want to try it. Overall, the game is focused on personal fitness. At the same time, the game tries to entice players into feeling a part of the experience, not just casually watching something while they work out. The story feels very medieval, with knights and demons standing in your way as you work through levels.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Upon encountering enemies, you participate in turn by turn combat. That’s right, this fitness game has some standard RPG elements to it. Plus, the boss behind all the enemies trying to get you? A physically, ripped dragon. Sounds pretty ridiculous right? Well, maybe not. 

Why Fitness Games Work 

Fitness games give people a reason to work out. The health benefits aren’t always enough to keep people’s interest, and in many cases, proves to be quite boring. If you enjoy working out, then you might still be interested. The important thing here is the fact that people who don’t like working out might give it a try. When people work out, they see better health and mental benefits. It’s not fair to assume video game players don’t work out. The activity, however, is a sedentary hobby. If you play video games when you have free time, then you’re not moving much. 

With an emphasis on RPG styles and fitness, Ring Fit Adventure keeps us wondering where  Keep reading Comic Years for more gaming and pop culture news!


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