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Cosmic Champs P2E GameFi on Algorand Launches COSG Token

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BY April 12, 2022
Cosmic Champs, the first 3D real-time play-to-earn game on Algorand blockchain, is launching its governance token Cosmic Gold ($COSG) on Tinyman DEX and Yieldly Finance’s yLaunch. yLaunch is the world’s first vertically integrated staking, NFTs and listing platform for Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs). The yLaunch staking pools will go live on April 21, with the token launching on Tinyman DEX shortly before.
“We are happy to be helping launch a project like Cosmic Champs, who are paving the way for decentralised gaming on the Algorand blockchain with us,” says Yieldly Co-Founder and CEO Sebastian Quinn. “Across the world, more and more players are coming on board to play these play-to-earn games, not just for entertainment, but as a means to supplement their incomes as well. This is only likely to follow suit as the overall GameFi market heats up.”
Cosmic Champs are building their first game in a retro-future space-based GameFi metaverse where players battle in real-time with rare 3D NFTs and are rewarded with tokens for winning. On both mobile app or browser, players will battle head-to-head against their friends or the computer, and be able to compete in tournaments for greater glory and a bigger payday.
The project is driven by the governance token, Cosmic Gold ($COSG), which players can generate through in-game activities and DeFi staking pools. $COSG is the main mechanism for participating in the future Cosmic Champs metaverse, with 15% of $COSG reserved for play-to-earn rewards, and 20% of $COSG available for staking rewards.

Tokenomics chart for Cosmic Champs

Tokenomics chart for Cosmic Champs

Beyond P2E and staking, $COSG will be used to participate in the game’s governance, enter NFT prize games, mint and buy NFTs, reward creators for contributing to the metaverse, and incentivise ecosystem development. It should be noted that $COSG is not the game’s primary P2E reward token — a second token will launch with the game for this purpose.

Cosmic Champs COSG Utility

Cosmic Champs COSG Utility

The Cosmic Champs team have previously worked together, developing a free-to-play mobile game called Mount Frosty that is still available for Android and iOS. Many of the extended team members have also had previous experience in game development, including multiple major studio games that have millions of players.
“It’s important to us that the Cosmic Champs game embodies play-to-earn, not pay-to-earn,” says Cosmic Champs co-founder Matty Blanchard. “It will be free to download and play Cosmic Champs, and even possible to win based on superior strategy without owning NFTs. That said, there will be a lot of benefits to being part of the early Cosmic Champs community and we are excited to see our vision for a new play-to-earn model grow on Algorand.

The Cosmic Champs metaverse vision

The Cosmic Champs metaverse vision

Background information:
· Cosmic Champs is the first 3D real-time game landing on the Algorand Blockchain, an innovative carbon-neutral chain with great potential for gaming projects.
· Cosmic Champs completed the Algorand Foundation and Draper University Blockchain Accelerator and entrepreneurship program in 2021.
· Cosmic Champs has a global team with key team members in both Europe and Australia.
· A private sale of $COSG tokens concluded early in 2022 and raised $1.6M USD and was over-subscribed, led by Borderless Capital.
· Genesis season (Season 1) Cosmic Champs NFTs will contain 1400 NFTs in a total of 3D Champs and Ships, to be released later in May.
· White Paper
· Play to Earn article
· KryptoNurd video interview
· Yieldly yLaunch Announcement

About Us

Cosmic Champs is a universe of real-time battle arenas developed by gaming studio, Mad Shapes. As the first mobile-first, 3D real-time play-to-earn game to land on Algorand, Cosmic Champs is well-positioned to become the benchmark for gaming in the ecosystem. Our team is using its superhuman vision to build a project that will provide the universal foundation for an ever-expanding metaverse. We see a future where people are infinitely connected, and driven by purpose, excitement and fun — GameFi is the perfect vehicle to transport us to this future. The Genesis season (Season 1) will contain 1400 NFTs in a total of 3D Champs and Ships. Cosmic Champs completed the Algorand Foundation accelerator, the Draper University immersive entrepreneurship program, and is supported by Borderless Capital.

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