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Diablo 4 Domhainne Tunnels Net You Level 40 in 2 Hours

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BY August 15, 2023

Diablo 4 has hit the mark with most fans, except for a few hiccups. Balance has always been one of those mistakes. Now, it seems like they tipped it too much toward players. Yes, I’m talking about Diablo 4’s Domhainne Tunnels.

As it turns out, the tunnels just became a top-tier farming spot. According to Raxxanterax, it can take you to level 40 in hours. This new strategy is proving better than traditional XP farming methods. But, what’s the deal with it?

Let’s find out.

The science behind Diablo 4’s Domhainne Tunnels

diablo 4 domhainne tunnels explained Yeah, that’s quite complicated, but it basically says “Go Here!” (Image credit: RAxxanterax)

Apparently, it all changed after the last update. The patch notes for 1.1.1 increased Nightmare Dungeons’ monster count by 50%. But, it seems like this wasn’t meant for new characters. Instead, it was supposed to take effect after level 50.

You can imagine how that could boost a new character’s XP gains. They’re farming what late-game characters would farm. Yet, their level-up requirements are much lower. As a result, they can gain dozens of levels in hours.

How to level up with Diablo 4’s Domhainne Tunnels

Compared to strongholds, Diablo 4’s Domhainne Tunnels are much easier. So, your goal is to go to Domhaine Tunnels and loop them. Specifically, you want to repeat the first part of the tunnels.

Since you’re just doing the beginning, avoid freeing prisoners. That would take you through the rest of the dungeon. However, that greatly increases the time it takes to gain as much XP as you need. Just make sure to bring plenty of Area of Effect (AoE) attacks.

Also, you shouldn’t take this route to level 100. Instead, Raxxanterax recommends using it to level 40 or 50. From there, you want to start doing Nightmare Dungeons.

Why the Domhainne Tunnels in Diablo 4 might not last

diablo 4 domhainne tunnels enemies To be fair, this looks pretty ridiculous. It probably wasn’t intended this way. (Image credit: Raxxanterax)

As mentioned, the patch notes imply it was meant for level 50 characters. Plus, it has some negative implications for the experience. Firstly, it speeds up the level-up grind ludicrously. Secondly, it makes players spend hours in a cave.

Sure, the time it takes is considerably shorter. But, it can also be a very tedious process. Additionally, Blizzard has already nerfed similar dungeons. I wouldn’t count on these tunnels for too long.


Featured Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.



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