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Coronavirus Impacts New Console Production and Rollout

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BY March 11, 2021

The new classification of the coronavirus sets the infection as a world pandemic. If you don’t know where the classification comes from, then don’t assume the world is ending. Overall, a certain number of people getting the coronavirus determines the World Health Organization’s terminology. The message right now according to officials isn’t to stay in or die; simply put, social distancing helps keep the virus from spreading quickly. In short, with many offices moving to remote work or closures, here’s how the coronavirus impacts new console production. 

How the Coronavirus Impacts New Console Production for PS5 and Xbox Series X?

coronavirus impacts new console production Image Credit: Microsoft

The production of many electronics products and parts occurs in China. Even outside of China, other areas in which digital technology is produced are in hot zones for the Coronavirus outbreak. Throughout Southeast Asia and China, many factories in which video games and computer technology and parts are a part of a vital supply chain for the industry’s production. There are more pressing matters at hand right now, including social distancing and self-quarantining of those showing symptoms. Still, it’s curious to see how the Coronavirus impacts new console production.

Overall, there are no delays announced for the Holiday 2020 release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. In short, it’s unlikely anyone has a clear idea of how far-reaching the Coronavirus will be. The chances of delays to everything from console releases to game release delays are more than likely. Already, many movie releases have been postponed because of the coronavirus as people will likely avoid spaces like theaters.

Do Sony and Microsoft Expect Delays?

coronavirus impacts new console production Image Credit: Microsoft

Right now, there’s no plan to delay console releases later this year. In short, there’s not even a set date for the console. At the moment, Microsoft offices are remote-only. The news of two Microsoft employees in Seattle testing positive for Coronavirus led to many offices to follow suit. It’s going to be a busy, unpredictable couple of weeks. Hopefully, quick responses to the Coronavirus can keep medical and economic impacts to a minimum. 

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft


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