Gail Simone & Travelers Insurance Comic About Distracted Driving
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Gail Simone And Travelers Insurance Partner For Distracted Driving Comic

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BY April 13, 2022

Gail Simone has written a number of important comic books. However, few have as important an inspiration as one she announced last year. As she detailed in a Twitter thread, Gail Simone and Travelers Insurance came together to produce the “Unfinished Story” of Zaadii Tso, aka Z-Hawk.

Gail Simone And Travelers Insurance Comic About Distracted Driving

In 2015, Zaaditozhon “Zaadii” Tso was on a shopping errand with his mom Rachel and his 8-year-old sister Bahozhoni. As the trio were walking back to the car, a distracted driver hit them. The accident caused serious injuries to Rachel and Bahozhoni. However, 3-year-old Zaadii was pulled under the wheels. Paramedics rushed him to the pediatric ICU, where the boy later died.

But that’s just part of Zaadii’s story. It’s not the beginning or the middle, wherein a spirited little boy loves to play superhero. And for his family, Gail Simone (who wrote what we thought was the Best Run Ever Batgirl), and Travelers Insurance, it’s not the end. Through their “Unfinished Story” series, the insurance company aims to tell the story of people whose lives were cut short by distracted driving. These people had more life to live and so much they could have done. Through the Travelers partnership with artists like Simone, the company brings those lost stories to life. The overall purpose of the videos and art, besides memorializing those taken, is to warn against the dangers of distracted driving.

In The Infinite, Zaadii Becomes Z-Hawk: Superhero By Night, Environmental Lawyer By Day

gail simone travelers Every superhero needs an origin story (image via Travelers Insurance)

With input from Zaadii’s family, Travelers “decided to tell a Zaadii story, his Unfinished Story, in the format he loved so much…a superhero story,” as Simone put it. The company then approached Simone, who agreed to write the story after talking with Rachel. As Simone says in her Twitter thread, she got a sense of the boy. She felt as if she almost knew him. Or at least, knew him enough to write his story. (Jim Calafiore drew the art, by the way, for the comic.)

So in an infinite future, little Zaadii grows up to be a hero in more ways than one. The little boy who loved superheroes, like Batman, becomes one. But he didn’t just love superheroes. He loved animals and the natural world, so in this imagined future, he’s an environmental lawyer. He never stops fighting for his people or for what’s right. It’s not the future Zaadii got, but it’s one he deserved.

You can read the entire Zaadii: The Legend of Z-Hawk comic for free at the Travelers site. You can also visit the site for the Zaadii Foundation and take the pledge to end distracted driving.

featured image via Travelers Insurance


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