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Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Prompts New Logo, Celebration

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BY August 26, 2020

The 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman isn’t until next year. However, DC is already preparing the kind of celebration that would befit such an iconic character. During their FanDome event promoting Wonder Woman 1984, they revealed some of those plans.

The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Has Its Own Logo

You can’t expect us to celebrate the 80th year of Wonder Woman with the same ol’, same ol’ logo, can you? As such, DC introduced a new logo that celebrates Diana’s long and literally storied history.

wonder woman 80th anniversary image via DC

As shown, the logo integrates the current Wonder Woman logo into a new one. This logo will presumably accompany all the Wonder Woman fanfare we can expect next year. And they’ll have a full year to celebrate. That’s because Wonder Woman made her debut in All Star Comics #8, which was first available in October 1941. (The cover date, by the way, was December/January 1941/1942.)

Specials in Store for Anniversary Celebration

Although DC released a special Wonder Woman issue earlier this year, that’s not the end of their commemoration. According to Patty Jenkins, who shared that new logo during the panel, there will be more to come.

wonder woman 80th anniversary image via DC Films and Warner Bros

While she didn’t go into great detail, we can make some predictions. It seems likely, for instance, that we’ll see some new comic books, maybe special issues or reissues. DC might even take Wonder Woman’s show on the road, or at least on DC Universe. If I could wish something into existence, then a new Wonder Woman special on their streaming service would be choice. (In the meantime, we can all watch the classic Wonder Woman series, starring the iconic Lynda Carter, on the service.)

And since we’re going back to the beginning, I also recommend seeing Professor Marston & the Wonder Women, the real origin story for Diana Prince. I saw it alone in the theater and didn’t feel weird at all about it. But if you’d like to feel not weird at home, then you can catch it on Hulu and for rental on various other services, including Vudu and Amazon Prime Video.

On that note, I’m ready to celebrate. Let’s all dig out our old Underoos, which is a real thing people had, Joshua, and get ready for Wonder Woman at 80. She looks pretty great for an octogenarian, don’t you think?

Are you ready to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman? Share your thoughts on her legacy or on Underoos, the underwear that’s fun to wear, in these comments or on social media.

featured image via DC

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