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The Strongest Hokage: All Konoha Leaders Ranked

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BY March 5, 2023

Since the early 2000s, Naruto has won our hearts across the whole world. The series starts during the era of the Third Hokage. Let’s finally discuss the never-ending question: Who is the strongest Hokage?

All Leaf Village Leaders (Ranked) 

First of all, every nation has its own leader in the Naruto series. For example, the Sand village has a Kazekage, while the village hidden in the Clouds has their Raikage. In addition, Hokage is the ruler/leader of the Konoha village (Leaf).

So, who is the strongest Hokage? There have been 7 Hokage leaders in total in the history of Leaf Village. Here’s our ranking of these leaders, by pure ninja strength and skills.

Starting in number 7, Tsunade-sama is undoubtedly an amazing Hokage. When it comes to being the strongest Hokage, she’s unfortunately on the bottom of my list. However, we really need to appreciate her medical skills, which saved the village many times (even during the War). That being said, the next spot goes to her sensei.

The third Hokage takes the sixth spot. After a long period of protecting the Konoha, Sarutobi sacrificed himself in the final battle against Orochimaru. His Earth, Fire and Summoning Jutsu definitely deserve an honorable mention.

Next, my all-time favorite Naruto character Kakashi Hatake is in the number five spot. The Copy Ninja fought in a war at just 12 years old. In addition to his Chidori, he possesses the legendary Sharingan. Moreover, he’s really, really, really hot (sorry, not sorry).

Kakashi Hatake

The fourth place goes to the first Hokage, Hashirama of the Senju clan. The ‘God of Shinobi‘ undoubtedly deserves a high spot. Apart from being able to summon the Colossal Titan, Hashirama even beat 8 of the 9 total Tailed Beasts. In addition, not even Madara could beat him!

Top 3 Strongest Hokage of All Time

Spot 3 goes to the fan-favorite Hokage (undoubtedly one of the strongest Hokage ever) is Minato Namikaze, Naruto’s dad. Known as the Yellow Flash, Minato overpowered many Konoha’s ninjas in speed. In addition, he also single-handedly created the famous Rasengan.

Hashirama’s younger brother and successor Tobirama Senju takes the second spot. Due to the fact that he mastered all five nature transformations, he is undoubtedly on top of this list. Some of the popular Jutsu he created include Naruto’s Multiple Shadow Clone. Moreover, he’s even hotter than Kakashi.

the strongest Hokage

So, who is the strongest Hokage in the end? Of course, Naruto Uzumaki! Hidden Leaf’s cursed child fights will all he has. With the motive to never give up, (because that’s his Ninja way!), Naruto’s determination gave him skills such as Rasen-Shuriken, his dad’s Rasengan, and even the Sage Jutsu.

Following the steps of his father Minato, his teachers Iruka, Kakashi, and Jiraiya, Naruto is definitely the strongest Hokage out there.


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