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Why Was Y: The Last Man Canceled?

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BY October 26, 2021

The FX on Hulu series Y: The Last Man had a long and arduous path to the screen. Still, it must have felt great for it make landfall finally. Yeah, it’s nice to have feelings. Anyway, FX has now canceled Y: The Last Man even before it finished its inaugural season. So like, why?

Started from the Bottom, Now We Here

y the last man canceled` image via FX on Hulu

As Joshua chronicled in his review of The Last Man series premiere episodes, it took a lot to get to that point. In fact, it took over ten years from the first plans for adaptation to get the series on TV. And that was plan B–originally, New Line Cinema got the rights to the series and planned to make it into a film. However, that fell through.

That would become a familiar melody throughout the history of The Last Man‘s journey to the screen. The TV series would burn through multiple showrunners and actors, including the original lead actor, Barry Keoghan, before it settled on its final form with Ben Schnetzer. But it would all be worth it, because it finally premiered way back in…wait, this says “last month”? Okay, it premiered last month, where it was met with critical acclaim. And after airing seven episodes, FX gave it the ax.

Y: The Last Man Canceled for the Most Predictable Reason

If you were to guess why a network canceled a series, then there are a few usual suspects. The first, of course, is probably low ratings. However, as this is streaming on Hulu, we have no idea what the ratings are. They just won’t tell us, no matter how many times I yell. (But it’s probably not that.)

y the last man canceled Diane Lane, image via FX on Hulu

We already know that the show got decent reviews, so that’s not the culprit, either. Actually, what happened to the show is just too much time (and a pandemic) that led to the show costing too much money to continue. As The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “Because of the delays amid the showrunner and cast changes, FX had to extend options on original stars, including Lane. And, because of the pandemic-related production shutdown, also pay to extend the options of Schnetzer and other new castmembers…Ultimately, FX brass declined to pay $3 million to further extend options, not wanting to leave the cast in limbo yet again.”

But hope is not lost. THR also says that FX is amenable to the show’s producers shopping the series elsewhere. The most likely candidate, according to the magazine, is HBO Max, since WarnerMedia owns them, as well as DC Comics and its imprint Vertigo. (Vertigo is the publisher for the comic series.) So there might yet still be a second season.

Y: The Last Man is currently streaming on FX on Hulu. Its final episode of the season will drop on November 1.

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