The Boys Season Finale Review - Things Can Always Get Worse
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The Boys Season Finale Review – Things Can Always Get Worse

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BY July 8, 2022

Amazon Prime’s The Boys season three final episode surpassed our expectations. The show has been a resounding success in its seasons, showing a different perspective of superheroes’ lives. This series won over the public with its satirical content, violence, offensive language, and crazy situations presented in every episode.

The numbers show audiences like what The Boys have given them. The show has averaged 4.1 million viewers per episode, and the third season premiere almost equaled Disney+’s Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Boys had 949 million minutes of visualized transmission, while Obi-Wan Kenobi had 958 million minutes on its streaming platform.

The boys new trailer Image via Amazon Prime Video

The Boys’ popularity was also demonstrated with episode 6: Herogasm, which turned social networks into chaos. Amazon Prime even created an emoji for the episode, although Twitter removed it. Even so, fans showed excitement to see this action because of all the action and controversy the showrunners promised.

Another praise the show got this season was Antony Starr’s performance as Homelander. Fans say this is his best depiction of the character so far and are moved by his acting skills.


The Boys Season Finale Review

Watch out for spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the series’ final episode. The last episode, The Instant White-Hot Wild, starts with a very confused Homelander after his phone conversation with Soldier Boy. In the previous episode, Soldier Boy reveals to Homelander that they used his DNA to create him, so he is practically his father. That was definitely one of the best cliffhangers of the season.

Next, we see how the news makes Homelander contact his son, using the information Victoria Neuman gave him. We discover that Ryan isn’t afraid or hates his father; he, in fact, thinks his father is mad at him.

Homelander Image via Amazon Prime Video

On the other hand, the alternate events and parallel conflicts are gradually smoothed out in the series’ style. Frenchie and MM support and comfort each other like before. In another act of love, Butcher knocks Hughie unconscious and leaves him at a gas station instead of leaving him to his fate to be killed, proving that he can be a nobler man.

The Seven are trying to cope with everything that is happening to them. A-Train has broken the relationship with his disabled brother in an attempt to avenge Blue Hawk’s actions. Meanwhile, The Deep and Ashley now have to explain how they lost Maeve to Homelander.

Perfect Arch Closures And Open Endings

The best end to the season gave us a showdown at Vought, with Soldier Boy, Maeve, and The Boys confronting Homelander. There is where we see Homelander using his son Ryan as a secret weapon, trying to soften Soldier Boy’s heart by appealing to the family bond. But, in a beautifully logical character arch, Soldier Boy calls him weak for displaying his feelings.

The fight scene is so well done, switching from team to team in a non-stop, exciting fight choreography that ends with the slightly predictable sacrifice of Maeve. As the episode ends, it almost seems like a perfectly round closure. We see Starlight getting rid of her costume and joining The Boys, Soldier Boy going back to a secret facility, and Maeve alive but losing an eye after the attack.

The boys season finale Ryan smirking Image via Amazon Prime Video

Homelander remains alive, and we can’t help but wonder, what story will they create for season four? And that’s when they hit you with two different cliffhangers: first, after murdering the VP candidate, Victoria Neuman runs for office. Next, Homelander kills a protester in the middle of the crowd and in front of his son, and the crowd cheers him. The episode ends when Ryan, watching what his father did and people’s response to it, smiles with admiration at Homelander.

The Boys season finale gave perfect closure to the events presented in this season. It leaves the possibility of seeing Soldier Boy next season open, and we can theorize about what will happen next.

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