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Pennyworth At Comic-Con Has Us Asking, Batman Who?

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BY March 3, 2021

Everyone knows the Batman story pretty well. Young boy sees parents die. Takes up live of vigilante hero work. Deals with inner demons. Gets help from his butler, who just so happened to be a James Bond-esque spy before working in service. Wait, what? That’s news to some, but Pennyworth at Comic-Con hopes to clue fans into what’s coming from the new TV series. The makers of Fox’s Gotham  (which just had its series finale) are behind the new show for Epix. In the series, Alfred Pennyworth, played by Jack Bannon, is young, military trained, and hired to work for a young boy by his parents, the Waynes.

Pennyworth at Comic-Con – What We Know 

For starters, it’s safe to say people love Gotham. The show is still getting talked about, long after its series finale. In that show, we saw Batman begin his work. The show takes place before the Wayne’s give birth to Bruce. Wondering how that works with Fox’s recently finished show? The series is officially a prequel to Gotham, according to the Pennyworth at Comic-Con panel. Interestingly, the show is not trying too many tie-ins.

“Alfred’s story came first. It’s a character that everybody knows and loves that hasn’t been explored at all.”

Pennyworth Executive Producer Bruno Heller

For fans looking to learn more, a lot of great info came from the panel. If you love Gotham, it’s safe to say you’ll love Pennyworth. Alfred is 20 and leaving the military. An unclear future looming, Pennyworth starts his own security company. His first client is mogul Thomas Wayne. The interactions are a great time for Batman fans. For those wanting to learn more about Alfred’s younger days, the series is a dream come true.

DC Significance to the Show

Pennyworth, once it debuts, is going to be the first period piece from DC on TV. Wonder Woman 1984 is a period piece, as was its predecessor. On television, however, DC sticks largely to present day storylines, but now, it’s time to take fans back to the mid-20th century. Fans wondered if the story would become a fringe exploration of Batman lore. The panel clearly wants the show to be an origin story. At this point, we know Batman. How his loyal butler came to be? Many agree, as do I, that it’s high time we find out.

What did Fans See at Comic-Con from Pennyworth?

Fans entered a room at Comic-Con to see an advanced screening of the show’s premiere, which comes later this month. July 28th is the set date for the show on Epix. The show is a sign of the times for DC. Between this and Krypton, prequels regarding the people behind our favorite heroes are popular right now. If you love DC lore, then these stories only deepen our ties to the characters. Thanks to a bit of insight, we can look into who formed them into who they are.

The show comes soon, so keep reading Comic Years for everything Pennyworth, DC, comic book culture, and more!

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