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HBO Max Roku App Finally On the Way

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BY December 17, 2020

WarnerMedia caused a lot of drama with the launch of the HBO Max app. Restrictions to how the app could exist on popular streaming devices caused major delays. Amazon Fire products and even Apple TV struggled to come to terms with how WarnerMedia wanted to do things this time around. Roku held out for awhile, but it appears a deal is finally done. It’s a huge deal we’re finally getting an HBO Max Roku app. Nearly 50 million people use a Roku device for their content streaming. Overall, both companies needed to come together so everyone could win. HBO Max has big plans for Christmas and 2021 and Roku now features one of the hottest streaming services on the market. Here’s a bit more on what finally ended up working for both sides.

HBO Max Roku App Deal Seems to Work for Both WarnerMedia and Roku

wonder woman 80th anniversary image via DC Films and Warner Bros

Variety is reporting that a deal is finally going to bring the HBO Max Roku app to life. Some of the more stringent rules WarnerMedia has for its flagship streaming app seemed to turn a lot of providers off. One such rule means that HBO Max cannot exist as a channel subscription. Amazon and Apple caved on this as well, although you can subscribe to HBO Max through Roku Pay. It’s all a bunch of detailed, specific terms that audiences didn’t much care about. Really, Roku users just wanted to watch the app on their TVs and Roku devices.

Roku users with an HBO app will see the app automatically update to HBO Max. Login info for the existing HBO app is going to work for logging into HBO Max. If you want the HBO Max content, however, then you’ll need to subscribe to the full service.

Good News for Audiences and Shareholders

Dune Trailer Image via Warner Bros.

Roku shares rose 3% after the news broke. WarnerMedia, on the other hand, feels optimistic about the future of their streaming service. Wonder Woman 1984 will release on the app this Christmas. Furthermore, all 2021 Warner Bros. films will release on the app on the same-day as theaters. There’s a lot to be happy about in this situation. I know many friends who haven’t subscribed to the service because they have Roku streaming devices. This opens up a lot of opportunities for WarnerMedia. Roku users will also be happy to have a ton of new things to watch.

If you’re excited to see the HBO Max Roku app finally come to light, then let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading Comic Years for all things television, movies, comics, and pop culture.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Media

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